Jan 72015

Shooting videos for Liberty Living

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mike and I work for a company called Campuslife. I have been working with Liberty Living on a project to assist and art direct some city and residence guides for each of their student residences – over 20 of them so far, and still counting! This has meant travelling all over the country visiting the different Liberty Living sites, exploring the cities, and getting to know the students who call Liberty Living ‘home’. It’s been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too!

Our very first shoot started with disaster; unfortunately our presenter didn’t turn up! At the very last minute he wasn’t available so we had to think on our feet and bring forward the afternoon’s filming, with a different presenter, to make the best use of the time. This meant getting our second presenter for the day out of bed a bit earlier than planned… and possibly some frantic getting ready, for her, with only 20 minutes’ notice. Thankfully things went much more smoothly from there and we had a great first day of filming.

The next few weeks were spent almost entirely on the road, travelling from city to city. A bit like rock stars, only without the screaming fans or anyone to carry the kit for you. I really enjoy travelling around as part of my job, and because we were making films about the different cities Liberty Living have residences available, we also got the opportunity to explore all the cities we visited.

A particular highlight for me was filming by the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle at night as we got some amazing shots of the city lights reflecting off the water!

On the way to our hotel that night we spotted a beautiful view across the river as we were driving over an adjacent bridge. However, there wasn’t anywhere to pull over so I could jump out and get the shot, but traffic was moving pretty slowly so I figured I had time to quickly jump out, get the shot and then jump back in the car. So, as Luke was driving, I jumped out, got the shots then turned around to see the car was almost at the other end of the bridge! I had to sprint to catch him up. I made it back safely though and the shot was one of the best ones in the film – totally worth all of the effort.

I’ve really enjoyed travelling around the country, meeting all the Liberty Living students and staff. When you’re making films like this you often have to rely on other people to help out, tidy up at the last minute, turn up on time, and generally be up for the mayhem of filming; and I’m pleased to say that everyone has been fantastic.

We’re currently only half way through this project, we’re just about to embark on another trip around the country to film even more city and residence guides so watch this space, it might be your city and residence that we’ll be filming next!

Liberty Living provides student accommodation in 17 university cities across the UK, including student accommodation in London, student accommodation in Newcastle, student accommodation in Preston plus many more.

Posted on 7th January 2015.

Jun 122013

Firefighters get to the Point in Southampton

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) have in recent weeks been using Liberty Point, Southampton student accommodation for training days and to test their firefighting equipment.

Mickey Smither, Station Commander Redbridge and Wickham Fire Stations said; “During the month of May HFRS carried out four training days at Liberty Point, this training focussed on dealing with fires in high rise buildings and having this fantastic facility to train in allowed us to practice our procedures in realistic situations. At each of the training days we had ten fire engines plus support vehicles with up to 60 firefighters and officers having the opportunity to test their skills in dealing with the scenarios set for them.

On each day I set realistic scenarios for the crews to deal with including fires on one or more floors of the building and people that required to be rescued. The attending crews worked hard to implement the procedures necessary to tackle this type of incident and through their determination managed to achieve the objectives set for them. I am particularly pleased with the outcomes from this valuable training and the learning points this has raised will be fed back into all operational personnel within HFRS so that we can all learn from the experiences of those that attended each day.

We have already seen the benefit of this training when our crews were called to a fire at Liberty Quays only a few days after attending this training and it was evident that the recent training had enhanced their performance at that incident. This led to a swifter and safer attack on the fire leading to reduced damage for the building with one person being led to safety by the firefighters tackling the blaze.

I would like to thank Liberty Living for allowing us to use this building which has allowed us to take important steps towards being a better and more efficient fire service. I also express my personal thanks to Jan Mlodzianowski and his team for their hospitality and assistance throughout the time we were using their building.”

Southampton Student Accommodation

Photographs © Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service 2013

A roller coaster depicts the improved internet connection speed in Liberty Living student accommodation

…in all rooms from September 2012

Book your student accommodation at any Liberty Living residence from September 2012 you’ll have a 10Mb/s internet connection in your room at no extra cost!

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All you have to do is stay where you are and rebook for 2012-13! You won’t pay anything until September 2012 as we will carry your deposit across to your new booking.†

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*At additional cost.
†Please note: You will not be required to pay a deposit for your 2012-13 booking as your deposit for your 2011-12 tenancy will be carried over (subject to no damage charges being applied at the end of your 2011-12 tenancy).

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