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Glossary & FAQ
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Please click on the question below to view the answer from our FAQs.

Can I change my contract after I have signed it?

Changes can be made to the contract after it has been signed. Any requests for changes to the contract must be made to the management team at your residence. Any changes to the contract (such as changes in room standard, contract length or payment plan) may incur a £75 administration fee and will be subject to availability and local management discretion.

Can I terminate my contract before the agreed date?

It is possible to terminate your contract if you can to find a suitable successor for your room. Until a replacement has been found and has paid in full you will remain responsible for any payments due under your contract. Termination of the contract may incur a £100 administration fee. Please contact the local management team before you terminate your contract to find out who can be deemed a suitable successor for your room.

Can I choose who I live with?

If you have a group of friends or course mates that you want to live with then please let us know and we can try and make that happen for you, where you don’t express a preference, rooms are allocated on the following basis:

  1. Room type (Single/Double or Premium)
  2. Contract length
  3. Gender
  4. Year of study

Liberty Living endeavours to allocate students to flats that are appropriate to their situation and preferences, although when availability is limited it is not always possible to satisfy everyone. You can state when booking any preferences you may have and with whom you would like to live with. Please note that Liberty Living can make no guarantees and all allocations are subject to availability.

Will I be able to park my car on site?

Limited car parking is available at most of our residences, please check details of the residence of your choice and then contact the residence management office to book in advance as availability may be limited.

Will I be able to get online in my room?

Broadband arrangements vary by residence; all residences have high-speed internet connections available. Please contact the local management team for full details. Bandwidth is managed and is not to be used for illegal purposes. Tenants using the internet for illegal gains could potentially have their internet access barred and risk prosecution from FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft). Liberty Living and associated broadband providers will not condone any illegal use of the internet and wireless bandwidth sharing is not permitted. All residents wishing to use the internet services must sign up to local terms and conditions of use.

Will there be a telephone in my room?

Some rooms have a telephone which can be used to make both internal and external calls (check details of the residence of your choice to find out whether your room will have a telephone). To make external calls it is necessary to buy a telephone card from reception. Your telephone can be used to contact other bedrooms, reception and security, free of charge.

Is there any kind of pastoral care?

Our residences have a team of staff on-site to help students with any issues which arise. Outside of office hours we manage a team of senior students who live on-site and are on call to assist students with any problems or issues they might have during what may be their first experience away from home. Senior students can help with a number of issues such as students who are finding it hard to mix, feeling homesick or just having trouble finding their way round. Senior students have access to our management team 24-hours a day. In addition nearly all of our residences have 24-hour on-site security, CCTV, electronic access control and individually secured rooms. Please check details of the residence of your choice to see what security arrangements are in place.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in any Liberty Living Residence, this policy includes all communal areas, lounges, hallways, corridors and stairwells as well as bedrooms, and it also extends to external courtyard areas. Residences will have specifically designated external smoking areas, please ask the local residence staff for details.

Am I allowed candles?

Liberty Living has a strict policy that candles are not permitted on site. This is as per the residence fire plan and as advised by local fire authorities.

Can I bring a Wok?

Woks, frying pans, “Actifry”/Healthy Fryers and other cooking items are permitted, however deep fat fryers and chip pans (the most likely causes of cooking-related fires) are not, as per the residence fire plan and as advised by local fire authorities.

What cooking equipment is supplied?

Check out the residence-specific pages on the website; this differs per site. If in doubt, please email or call local site staff.

Is there a TV point in the bedroom or lounge?

Please check out the site-specific pages for more information.

Can visitors just walk or drive in?

All visitors must report to reception and sign in. This is for reasons of safety, security and, in the event of an emergency; the management team will know who is on-site. Most residences have a 24-hour security presence on-site to make sure that all visitors are valid and that the residence is kept secure. Comprehensive CCTV coverage is available at all residences.

What if I am not happy with my allocated room or my flatmates?

The Liberty Living team hopes that all students will endeavour to "get on with" their flatmates who could be from differing backgrounds and cultures. If a student is extremely unhappy then room changes can be considered (subject to availability and a £75 administration charge). It is important to remember that moving to University is a stressful time, and that initial teething troubles are usually resolved within the first few weeks. Liberty Living policy dictates that room changes will not be considered within a minimum of 6 weeks following move-in.

Is there a limit to how many visitors are allowed?

Each student is permitted a maximum of two guests at a time; any more than this can only be permitted with prior agreement of the local management team. To ensure that the residence stays secure, visitors are required to sign in and out when they enter and leave the residence; anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Are there spare rooms for visitors to stay in?

No. However, reception will gladly assist with numbers for local hotels.

Can visitors park in the residence?

Parking (where available) is for authorised users only. All available parking spaces are allocated by the local management team. Reception will advise you on local car parks. Unauthorised vehicles risk being clamped and subject to a release fee.

Is there always a member of staff on-site?

Nearly all of our residences are staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with trained staff. Where full-time staffing is not present we have remote CCTV in operation with a remote security back up. In addition Liberty Living provides a number of senior students who live on-site who can provide guidance and support at all times and have access to our management team 24-hours a day.

Is everything local to the residence?

University, amenities, leisure are all close to the residence. Local staff will be happy to help with directions and will issue a location guide to just about anything you need.

What about safety?

We provide 24-hour security, CCTV, electronic access control with guards on duty in the majority of residences (check details of the residence of your choice). Access is limited to residents, their authorised visitors, Liberty Living staff and nominated contractors. Fire alarms are tested weekly, appropriate emergency signage is displayed and fire evacuation drills undertaken at the start of each academic year. Residents are asked to help us ensure Liberty Living residences remain safe by applying the residence safety rules (issued locally).

Where can I store my bike?

There are cycle racks on most sites where students can lock their bikes. These are left at the owners' risk. No bikes are allowed in the flats. Motor Cycles are allowed at the discretion of the local management team.

What can I do to make things smoother on moving day?

To make things easier when you come to move in please ensure you have completed all the relevant documentation: i.e. paid your rent or have a copy of your student loan schedule (where applicable), provide us with photographic ID and signed copies of both of your tenancy agreements.

Failure to complete and return the necessary documents will inevitably cause you and others delay.

You will receive a letter prior to move-in detailing a time and date for you to move in. If the time is not suitable please contact the residence of your choice directly to arrange a more appropriate time. Please try to adhere to this to ensure that move in is quick and simple. Please also note that cars can only be parked for a short time to allow unloading. At move-in time, there will be many hundreds of students, parents, and friends all unpacking and moving in. Wherever possible, Liberty Living will attempt to stagger move in slots to minimise queuing and inconvenience.

At the start of University term there will inevitably be an element of queuing and some inconvenience at every stage, whether this is registration for university, joining clubs and societies, joining the NUS, moving into your accommodation or joining medical centres. This is due to the initial large influx of students over a short period of time. If you can be patient, and expect to have to queue, starting University and moving in to your accommodation will be a far more pleasant experience.

Do I need to move out over the Xmas and Easter holidays?

No, over the holidays you will have complete access to your room.

Do I need to pay council tax?

As a student you are exempt from paying council tax. Your university will provide you with an exemption form at enrolment, a copy of which you must hand to the local residence team within 7 days of arriving. Failure to do this could mean that you will be liable for council tax. Key workers are responsible for their council tax and must register with the council when they move in.

Can I pay my rent with my student loan?

You can use your student loan to pay your rent. It is imperative that we have evidence of your student loan information at the application stage. You will not be given your keys before providing payment or a valid student loan schedule.

What is the difference between Liberty Living and University managed accommodation?

Whilst working closely with university accommodation offices, Liberty Living is a private sector provider. As such your tenancy is normally governed by an assured short hold tenancy agreement (AST). Many Universities will allocate our rooms to first year students, please check with the local management team to enquire about your room.

Will my bank charge me to make a bank transfer?

Your bank may charge you a fee to make a bank transfer into our account. It is your responsibility to pay this. Please ensure that you transfer enough money to cover both the rent and the transfer fee.

Is there anything that is not covered in my insurance?

There are some items which are not insured under the basic policy. It is possible to upgrade the cover to insure more expensive items. You can get more details about the cover and what is included by clicking here or by asking reception for a leaflet.

How do I make an insurance claim?

To make a claim you will need to contact the insurance company direct, details are available from reception.

Where can I wash my clothes and bedding?

Each Liberty Living residence has a laundry with washing machines and dryers.

Where can I collect my post?

Post sent to the residence will be put directly into your post box or held at reception, which is open during standard office hours. Check with local staff for more details, including arrangements for parcels and recorded deliveries.

Is a TV provided?

Some residences provide a TV with a range of satellite and terrestrial channels in communal kitchen/lounges. Check details of the residence of your choice for more information.

Do I need a TV Licence?

Liberty Living provides a television and licence in some of its residences.

Click the below links for further information on TV Licensing.

PDF iconTV Licensing, students and the law

PDF iconMoving home? Make sure you stay licensed!

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat please click the icon below to download it.

Get Acrobat Reader icon

Can I personalise my room?

You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that it was given to you. You will be asked to fill in and return an inventory to record the condition of your room and must do so within 48-hours of moving in. Generally speaking, blu-tac, white-tac or pins put into walls will require re-painting after you have left and you may be charged in line with our standard schedule of charges. The management team will carry out several room and flat inspections at the end of your contract and we would advise you to make an appointment for inspection well in advance.

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Fridges are not permitted in bedrooms. Arrangements are provided in the kitchen to store chilled foods. If you have a medical condition which requires you to have a fridge in your room please notify the management team who can supply this for you.

Who is responsible for cleaning my flat?

It is the students own responsibility to clean their room and they are jointly responsible for cleaning their flat. The stairs and hallways outside the flats are cleaned on a regular basis by Liberty Living staff. Some residences can offer an additional cleaning service for an agreed fee. At the end of the tenancy, flats must be returned in good condition or additional charges may be levied. Some residences have kitchens/lounges/corridors cleaned – see local staff for details. At the end of contract, any cleaning required in students' responsibility areas will be charged back to the student(s).

When will I get my deposit back?

You will get your deposit back within 28 days following the end of your contract. Any damages will be deducted from your deposit. It is your responsibility to return your room in the same condition as you moved in to it and we would advise that you record the condition of your room/flat on the inventory given to you when you check-in. This must be returned within 48-hours of move in.

All deposits taken by Liberty Living are insured under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme – click here for details

Can I pay with foreign currency or travellers cheques?

Liberty Living cannot accept foreign currency or travellers cheques as payment. Liberty Living would advise that the safest and simplest way to make payment is by Credit/Debit card or bank transfer at the start of your contract.

Why must my guarantor be based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales?

As the property laws are different outside of these countries it is not possible to have a guarantor based elsewhere. If you cannot provide a suitable guarantor, you will need to ensure your rent is paid with cleared funds, in full, prior to your arrival at the residence.

Who do I make my cheques payable to?

Please make all cheques payable to: Liberty Living Management Two Limited.

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