Got any questions?

  1. Booking with us here at Liberty Living is easy, and you can do everything online. All you need to do is pick a city first and then a residence and a room.

    To book, you’ll need a few things first: a payment card for your £200 Tenancy Deposit and to set up your payment schedule, as well as details of a Guarantor who will agree to pay your rent if you have any issues. If you’re paying with a card that doesn’t belong to you; you’ll need their permission to use it first.

  2. You can book at any time with Liberty Living, but rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no time limit involved – as long as we have availability, you can come and stay with us.

    However, there’s bound to be loads of people looking for accommodation as awesome as ours, so you might want to get in there as soon as you’re sure which University you’ll be going to.

    Some universities require you to book our rooms directly through them, so make sure you check any emails that you get. That’s because we’ve been nominated as ideal student accommodation for our University partners’ first year students, so we have arrangements with them separately.

    You must adhere to your individual University’s rules to make sure you get a place with us!

  3. Yes, there’s a £200 Tenancy Deposit required for every room at the point of booking, but if you're currently staying with us we'll carry your Tenancy Deposit across to your new booking.

  4. We have so many different types of room to choose from, and this depends entirely on where it is you’re studying and which residence you’re interested in.

    Feel free to be nosy and have a browse – we’ve got En-suite rooms or rooms with shared bathrooms, as well as Studios, Shared Apartments and more. 

  5. The best people in the world, obviously (because they’re our customers!). In all seriousness, we can’t say for sure, but it’s likely that you’ll share with other students who may or may not be similar to you.

    You’ll meet some characters, you’ll hopefully make loads of friends, and you’ll get the full student experience when you live with us.

    We can’t really predict how many of you will be in your flat, as it varies so much between our cities and residences.

    We’re sure you can handle a surprise, but if not, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

  6. We’re happy for you to state your preferred gender to share with, as well as their year of study. We’ll do our very best to sort this out. 

  7. We can’t give you the names of your new flatmates without their permission, but we’re more than happy for you to get acquainted on Facebook or other social media channels before you arrive.

    Once we’ve let you know your room number, you can post to your heart’s content and hopefully find the people you’ll be living with. 

  8. A friend of yours is a friend of ours! We’re more than happy for you to bring your whole crew. To book with friends, you just need to let us know their names, and we’ll do our best to allocate you a flat together.

  9. If you want to change things like your room size, increase your contract length or anything else, you may be able to do so – subject to availability.

    Please be aware that these requests may incur a charge and is at the manager’s discretion.

  10. If you’re in your first year, you’re able to cancel your contract right up until August, as long as you can provide the evidence that you are no longer attending that University (for example, proof that you have not been accepted by the university because of your A-Level results, or proof of acceptance at a different University in a different city). The actual cancellation cut-off date in August changes every year so please check your contract.

    If you’re not a first year, or you have a change of heart after this date, we’ll do our very best to help you sell the room on to another student. Unfortunately, until this is sold, you’re still contracted to the payments and the terms of the contract.

  11. Not at all! All types of students are welcome, providing you can prove to us that you’re attending some kind of full-time uni or college-type place.

    We have loads of postgraduate students as well as second and third years (and so on); you can even have a chat with one of the team to see if it’s possible to match you with slightly more mature folk to suit your needs. 

  12. Whilst most of our students are in their late teens and twenties, there is no upper limit on the ages we accept to live with us here at Liberty Living.

    We want you to feel comfortable, so please consider the many room type options that we have before booking to best suit your needs. Mature students tend to prefer Studios, as they're a bit less noisy and you do get some space away from boisterous freshers!

    If you're a postgraduate student, we often offer dedicated floors just for you, which will help you focus on your studies ahead.

    Please note the majority of 18 years of age by the time their Tenancy Agreement starts however, we know some students might not yet have hit that magic number so please get in touch if that’s you and we can make sure we know to expect you and help with your booking.

  13. We’re happy you loved your time with us so much that you want to stay again! Just get in touch with your residence team to talk to them about your options or just book online as usual by logging into your Liberty Living account.

  14. We do not treat any person or group of persons applying for accommodation less favourably because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, appearance, age, marital status, sexual orientation or social status.

    We run an active anti-discrimination policy and don’t discriminate against any person or group of persons for any reason.

  15. The following link includes advice and information for tenants about your rights and responsibilities for letting student accommodation in the private sector – www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-rent

  1. We know that not everyone can pay an entire year’s rent in one go – and that’s absolutely fine! You’re able to pay the rent in three different instalments, spaced out throughout the year.

    We time these payments to match the typical student loan payment dates, just to make life easier.

  2. All rent is collected by debit or credit card or a bank transfer on an agreed date. Unfortunately, these are the only methods we accept – so no cash, foreign currency or travellers cheques, please.

    This actually makes life easier for you as you don’t have to remember to bring anything from home.

    When you book your room, we’ll need your bank card details so that we can set up a payment plan to take payments from you directly.

    Remember, those little devils at the bank might charge you to make payments, so please check and make sure you understand their policies before making any commitments. 

  3. Please make all cheques payable to Liberty Living Limited.

  4. You’re in luck! We do indeed send out rent reminders before every due date. 

  5. Your student loan is yours to do whatever you want with (providing it’s legal, of course!).

    Just remember, not everyone’s loan will cover the rent for their accommodation, so you’ll need to think about how you’re going to afford the rest of it before you arrive. We schedule our rent instalments to match up with the typical loan payment dates.

    If you need to reschedule your rent dates we need to see your student loan schedule. We can’t issue your keys until your first rent payment has cleared or until we have a payment plan in place based on your student loan dates. 

  6. We’re more than happy to have a chat with you about circumstances like this which are out of your control. Student loans are almost always paid on time, but if they’re not, we need you to be proactive and contact both the Student Loans Company and us to try to resolve the issue. 

  7. We hope it doesn’t happen, but in the unfortunate scenario that it does, just talk to us.

    We’ve worked with students for over 15 years and know things don’t always go to plan. Our staff are here to help you to budget and manage your finances. If we can’t speak to you about a missed payment, you may incur late charges or face legal action.

    You also will have given us the details of a Guarantor who we’ll look to collect payments from in the event that you’re struggling.

  8. As part of your Tenancy Agreement with Liberty Living, you have a duty to pay your rent on time.

    We understand that sometimes that’s just not possible, which is why we ask UK students to back themselves up with a responsible adult that they can trust (and one who trusts them!). Usually, students ask their parents, guardians or another family member to be the Guarantor.

    We hope you don’t need this person, but in case of any late or missed payments, we need their details before you can book a room with us so that we can claim any outstanding balances or monies from them.

    A Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract, and so you need their permission before you get them to take responsibility. We’ll need some information from them, too, such as their contact details and proof of address – which we collect at the point of booking a room with us.

    Follow the link for more information about what a Guarantor is.

  9. All your bills are included in your rent – seriously! That’s your gas, electricity, water, heating and yes, even Wi-Fi. 

  10. Nope! One of the many benefits of being a student is that you don’t have to pay any council tax – you’re completely and utterly exempt. You will need to obtain a form from your University once you enrol just to stop yourself from being chased for it!

  11. If you leave your course early, you’ll need to find somebody to take over your Tenancy Agreement, as agreed with us here at Liberty Living.

    You’re responsible for paying the rent for your room until it’s been legally transferred to a new and acceptable tenant.

  12. Providing everything’s alright, you’ll get your deposit back within 28 days of your contract ending. The deposit is refundable providing we don’t need to use any of it towards damages, but we’ll discuss this with you if that’s the case.

    The deposit itself isn’t actually held by us throughout the duration of your Tenancy Agreement and your stay here. It’s actually protected and insured under something called the Deposit Protection Service, which is a national initiative designed to be completely impartial.

    Follow the link for more information about the Deposit Protection Service

  1. If you’ve not got a UK bank account, it’s important that you get one when you arrive. It’s essential for making sure that we receive your payment for your room, and it’ll make your life in the country much easier, too.

    It will save you time to look into it before you get to the UK, but there’s no need to worry if you’ve left it a little late. Each bank will have different requirements about what is needed from non-UK nationals to open a bank account.

    It’s safe to say that you will need some form of identification, and proof of your residency and course here in the UK as standard. In most cases, you’ll also need a letter from us to confirm your UK address, and we’re happy to provide this for you.

    They may well require more information and documentation, and may even need to arrange a meeting with you before this can be set up.

    There are so many banks here in the UK, and each will have a slightly different policy. 

  2. Yes. Typically, we expect all International students to pay their rent in one single payment. However, once you arrive in the UK, if you’re able to obtain a UK based Guarantor we will be able to give you the option to pay in instalments instead.

    Please note, it isn’t possible for your home country or a business to be your Guarantor – it must be a UK resident.

    Follow the link for more information about what a Guarantor is. 

  3. Yes, there are absolutely loads of International students; in fact, diversity is one of the things which makes Liberty Living so great. You will have the opportunity to learn about lots of different cultures and teach people about your own.

    We have students in our accommodation from all over the world. 

  4. Not at all! We understand that coming all the way to a new country is scary for anyone, and we will do our best to make this your home away from home. You may even find that there are other people from your country in your residence, as over 4,500 students from abroad stay with us every year.

    Some residences have multi-lingual staff, but regardless, we will do our absolute best to help you settle in.

    If you fancya chat at any time we’d be more than happy, as you’ll be able to put to practise your English language skills.

    You’re sure to improve your English during your time staying with us. 

  1. Firstly, the cost of your room includes all your bills for the year. Your room also comes fully furnished so that you don’t need to show up with everything you’ve ever owned.

    You’ll get a bed (either a 4ft double or a single), a desk (perfect for all that studying) and of course, your very own chair to go along with it.

    Oh, and we also include storage space – and lots of it – too. 

  2. We can’t list every single thing that we think you might need, because we’d be here all day. However, as an overview it’s an idea to bring; bedding, towels, shoes, clothes, hangers, toiletries, books, a computer and a cuddly toy (optional).

    Don’t worry, you can hide that last one when your friends come over – that’s basically what our storage was made for!

  3. All we ask is that you please leave anything illegal out of your new home, and we also can’t allow candles or other hazardous items, either.  

    Fridges are another no-no. However, we do make some exceptions, for example if you’ve got a medical reason to have one. That’s fine so long as we know about it, but if you just fancy a midnight snack we’ll have to ask you to pop to the kitchen!

  4. There are TVs in many of the communal kitchens, and some bedrooms include TVs too - you’re more than welcome to check what is provided before you arrive. You will need a TV licence for your bedroom if you’re watching TV LIVE or on-demand, and if you have a TV licence for your bedroom this automatically covers the communal kitchen too.

    If you just want to watch TV in the communal kitchen, then you and your flatmates can arrange a single TV licence together. Students living in a studio will also need to arrange their own TV licence if you plan to watch TV LIVE or on-demand.

  5. This completely depends on the type of room that you select at the time of booking. Our En-suite rooms and Studios all have a bathroom inside the rooms themselves.

    If you share a bathroom, you won’t have to share it with many people at all. We would recommend that you perhaps make a shower rota to avoid showing up late for things though!

  6. Our student accommodation would be pretty rubbish if we didn’t make it possible for you to study here, wouldn’t it? The clue is in the name.

    We provide a spacious desk to each student, as well as a chair and free Internet so that you’ve got a great study area to get those dissertations completed on time.

  7. No, absolutely not. Your room is yours until the end of your contracted time listed in your Tenancy Agreement. That’s sure to save you a lot of hassle!

  8. Remember, you will need to give your bedroom back at the end of your Tenancy Agreement in good condition for the next resident, so you can’t redecorate as such.

    That means we unfortunately can’t allow you to stick things on the walls with blue/white tac or pins, because we would have to charge you for any lasting damages! Try using Washi tape.

    However, that isn’t to say that you can’t find some nice trinkets to make your room more homely. All of our rooms are pretty neutral so you can inject a little bit of spark into each and every one. 

  9. This depends on a few things, including our availability and the reasons why you want to change. If you’re having any problems at all – big or small – the residence team will be happy to help.

    Changing rooms is usually a last resort, but we will do our absolute best to help you settle in. 

  10. Our maintenance teams are basically superheroes, and we’re hardly exaggerating, plus there is no charge for their help. If you need something fixed, you just need to let us know by logging a request with the Residence Team, and the teams will fix it for you ASAP.

  11. Accidents happen, but anything that is damaged will need to be paid for, and there is a list of costs here. Charges will be added immediately, and you can either pay at the time or the charges will be added to your account and taken at the end of your stay – this may need to come out of your security deposit.

    You also have to bear in mind that your guests are your responsibility – so if they damage something, you’re the one who has to pay.

    In any event, please report all damage – sorry to sound a bit like school!

  1. All of the staff here at Liberty Living are employed for their welcoming, friendly and empathetic qualities, right across the board. Each residence has a team on hand to help you, no matter what you might need.

    Your University will also have all kinds of support available to you; and it’s free and confidential, so nobody needs to know. 

  2. Our residence teams are men and women of many talents – they fill every kind of capacity imaginable, even concierge.

    They’ll happily sign for any letters or parcels you might receive, so you can keep in touch via snail mail, or shop online to your heart’s content.

    You’ll also receive your own designated post box with a key for you to collect any ordinary post at your leisure. Anyone sending anything just needs to pop your full name and flat number in front of the residence address, to make sure it reaches you. 

  3. We can’t exactly expect you to succeed with dirty clothes now, can we? All residences have washing and drying facilities, making it easy for you to stay up-to-date on your laundry pile without too much hassle.

    Sadly, mum and dad aren’t here to sort it for you at Liberty Living, so now’s the time for you to learn. You need to separate your light and dark clothes, and you need to check the labels to see what temperature they can be washed at before you pop them in the machine, too.

    We use a laundry system called Circuit Laundry across all of our residences, and you pay for each load with credit which you (or someone else) can top up online.

  4. The answer to that would be AWESOME! But seriously, you get a hob, oven, fridge, freezer and cupboards, plus plenty of space to become a world class chef (ahem).

  5. You’ll need to bring your own pots and pans and other kitchen bits and bobs, unless you order one of our Kitchen Packs before you arrive. You can also split the cost of a kettle and toaster between you and your flatmates, and you should probably talk about taking it in turns to buy stuff to clean with to save on costs, too.

    You can bring anything you like to become a culinary genius, just please don’t bring any deep fat fryers or your own fridge – there’s space for each of you in the ones provided. 

  6. Most residences have common areas where you can socialise. These are spaces within in the building for you to relax and take a load off, meet up with friends to study, watch TV or take part in any of our great Student Experience events.

  7. You are all responsible for doing your bit. You should keep things tidy and make sure you wash your dishes after you eat. All students sharing common areas are jointly responsible for any cleaning fees you might incur at the end of the academic year.

    Your room, however? Well that’s on you!

  8. Nope! Sorry, it’s just our policy. This means literally anywhere in the building, so please just don’t bother. We will be happy to point you to designated areas outside where you can smoke.

  9. We get it. At University, you’ll meet loads of people from all kinds of backgrounds, with loads of different interests and personalities. It’s not expected that you’d get on with absolutely everyone.

    However, part of the student experience is learning more about totally new people, and we’d really appreciate everyone doing their very best to make everyone feel welcome. You never know – you may make bonds with people you never imagined that you’d meet!

    If there are any serious problems please let the Residence Team know, and they’ll arrange an informal and confidential chat with everyone involved. 

  10. Some residences do, others don’t. For more details, have a look at the facilities in your specific residence on the designated page, or just give us a call. 

  11. Due to the fact that the gym is inclusive in your rent (where available), we have to ask that your guests do not accompany you there. Our insurance simply doesn’t cover any visitors. 

  12. Yep! You can stay healthy and save money and all that jazz, and we’ll let you store your bike in our special storage facility completely free of charge. You just can’t bring it inside the residence.

    Please note, if you are bringing your bike you’ll need to request additional insurance – as bikes aren’t included in your free insurance cover.

  13. This really depends. Some residences have huge car parks; others don’t have any place to park at all. Please give your residence a call to check and to find out the additional costs involved. 

  14. We know, we know – it would take Speedy a year to break out of the building, so in theory, he’s doing no harm. However, we have to draw the line somewhere, so unfortunately, pets aren’t allowed!

    If you need a guide dog or a working dog to assist you, please call us to discuss your options.  

  1. We’ll let you know the very earliest date that you can move in, and you can arrive any time after that. If you let us know when you’re expecting to get here, we can give you a moving in slot to make life easier for everyone.

    Moving in dates are usually in early September but vary from residence to residence – check out your Tenancy Agreement which confirms the date that your contract is due to start.

  2. You can move in any time after the first date listed on your Tenancy Agreement, but if you do want to arrive early we may be able to accommodate you subject to availability, as we do allow summer stays!  

    Also, if you’re having so much fun with us that you don’t want to leave, you can extend your stay, too – again subject to availability. Just check out our website or speak to the Residence Team for more information. 

  3. Yep, we need your signed Tenancy Agreement as well as Guarantor Form, plus all of your details and paperwork before we can confirm your room number and your arrival slot. 

  4. Yes, we’ll need a £200 deposit to secure your room and to see confirmation of how you’re going to pay for the rent whilst you are staying with us. You don’t have to pay upfront but you must pay the deposit before you can move in. 

  5. Unfortunately, we don’t have space to store anyone’s luggage prior to their arrival – sorry! Once you get here, however, there’s plenty of space in your room for everything you might be bringing. 

  6. Each residence has an individual page on our website, complete with its full address. Simply pop the postcode into your GPS system or your phone, and away you go. If you get lost, just give us a call – these things happen!

  7. There will always be someone on hand to greet you when you move in, as most of our residences have 24 hour staff. Please try to let us know when you might get here so that we can expect and plan your arrival.

  8. Please bring photo ID and a little bit of patience. Remember, you most likely won't be the only one moving in.

  9. When you get here, follow signs to register with us. This is where you’ll need to provide your ID, paperwork and everything else, and it’ll most likely be at reception. Once you’re done and dusted, they’ll give you your new keys/fob for your new home!

  10. Of course! You’re building a whole new life here at Liberty Living and that takes a bit of work. The more the merrier from our perspective – we want you to feel at home. 

  11. In most sites the answer is yes, but for a limited time only. There will most likely be hundreds of students milling around, all with the same idea of getting settled – so we have to be fair.

    Staff will be more than happy to direct you to local parking places after the initial drop-off if time and space is limited.

  12. That’s what social media was made for. Once we’ve let you know your room number you can post it on our social media channels and hopefully find your new best friends before you arrive!

  1. Our guide to living combines essential information with handy hints and tips, and offers some general advice for your time living with us. Please take some time to read it carefully – we created it to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

  2. Each of our residences are perfectly placed to help you make the most of your time at University. Each of our individual city and residence pages will give you a great idea of what’s going on around you, from places to eat and drink, to sports and other activities that you can get involved in.

    The local staff will also be more than happy to help with recommendations – there’s no-one better to ask!

  3. We don’t want it to feel like school when you live with us, but there has to be a few rules to make sure everyone gets along. There’s nothing ground breaking and most are common sense. It boils down to respecting the property, our staff, the locals, and respecting each other, too. If you can do all of this then everyone will get along fine. 

  4. We’d love for everyone to get along but we get it – if someone on the floor above won’t stop playing their music extra loud, it’s going to drive you mad. You can try politely asking for them to turn it down, but if that doesn’t work, or you’re not feeling brave, just come and have a chat with a member of staff. 

  5. This is your home and we want you to be able to welcome your friends in the same way we welcome you. All we ask is that you limit the amount of guests you have at any one time to two people, and that they only stay for a couple of days. Each guest will also need to be signed in with the residence team, for safety reasons.

    You’re responsible for everyone you bring into the residence, so please make sure that your guests are on their best behaviour!

  6. We cater for students of all abilities! If you are a disabled student, we have some accessible rooms which are equally as awesome as the rest of the rooms in our residences. Please let us know well in advance how we can help make life easier for you, and then we can have a chat about accommodating you in the right way. 

  7. At Liberty Living, we know students might feel a bit daunted at the prospect of staying here – don’t worry, we don’t bite! It can be a little scary living alone for the first time, which is why we’re here for a chat anytime you need us. So you're never really alone. 

    If you have any worries at all, whether they’re related to your student accommodation or not, you can come to us for a confidential catch up.

    If we’re not the best people to deal with your query, we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Your University will have a great team of specially trained staff to deal with almost every issue. 

  8. Before moving out, it’s best to arrange an inspection with a member of the residence team. That way, you can mutually agree on any kind of damages which you may need to be charged for so that you don’t get any surprises.

    Before you go, you’ll need to clean and tidy, plus you’ll need to remove all of your belongings from both your room and the communal areas.

    You have joint responsibility for shared living areas, and individual responsibility for your own room. On the moving out day, you’ll need to vacate the premises before a certain time – just ask if you’re unsure.

  9. When you move out, you’ll need to completely clear your room. However, we do allow you to donate any items you no longer need at a designated point, and we will donate these thing to charity on your behalf. 

  10. If, at the end of your Tenancy Agreement, you just can’t bear to leave; we’d be more than happy to allow you to stay a while longer providing we have availability. You can check out our website or speak to the management team for more information. 

  1. You get free 50Mb/s high speed broadband and Wi-Fi connection included in your room as standard in most Liberty Living residences*. We use the student provider Ask4 to connect our students with the outside world, and their basic package is perfect for a bit of Facebook browsing, Netflix binging and of course, studying!

    There is the opportunity to upgrade your package for a small fee, if you need a bit of extra speed for those gaming nights!

    *Exceptions to this service include: Liberty Park (Birmingham), Liberty Fields (Cardiff), Liberty Park (Glasgow), Liberty Court (Leicester), Liberty Gardens (Liverpool), Liberty Central (Manchester), Liberty Park (Manchester), Liberty Central (Newcastle), Liberty Point (Nottingham), Liberty Hall (Sheffield) and Liberty Heights (Wolverhampton), which get a free 100Mb/s broadband connection and 50Mb/s Wi-Fi service. Liberty House (Cardiff), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Ask4 in blocks D, E and F, and blocks A, B and C have broadband and Wi-Fi services supplied by Cardiff University. Liberty Dock (Leeds), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by the University of Leeds. Liberty Court – Annex Building (Leicester), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Optify. Liberty Court – Athena Apartments (Leicester) and Liberty Court – Oxford House (Leicester), which get a 50Mb/s Wi-Fi service supplied by Glide.

  2. When you arrive you’ll be able to head to Ask4, our provider’s website to set up. You can switch on Wi-Fi on your device, or use a cable for broadband connections – hey presto, there you go! 

  3. You can indeed opt for higher speed Internet if you need it by following the instructions on the Ask4 website. The cost of this will vary. 

  4. You can connect up to seven devices, so you never need to feel out of sync.

  5. Just like the broadband connection included in the cost of your rent, Wi-Fi is another helpful little addition which we provide absolutely free of charge.

    The basic package is 50Mb/s* and can connect up to seven devices; so it’s perfect for anything you might need. You can even upgrade your speed for a small fee.

    *Exceptions to this service include: Liberty Park (Birmingham), Liberty Fields (Cardiff), Liberty Park (Glasgow), Liberty Court (Leicester), Liberty Gardens (Liverpool), Liberty Central (Manchester), Liberty Park (Manchester), Liberty Central (Newcastle), Liberty Point (Nottingham), Liberty Hall (Sheffield) and Liberty Heights (Wolverhampton), which get a free 100Mb/s broadband connection and 50Mb/s Wi-Fi service. Liberty House (Cardiff), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Ask4 in blocks D, E and F, and blocks A, B and C have broadband and Wi-Fi services supplied by Cardiff University. Liberty Dock (Leeds), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by the University of Leeds. Liberty Court – Annex Building (Leicester), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Optify. Liberty Court – Athena Apartments (Leicester) and Liberty Court – Oxford House (Leicester), which get a 50Mb/s Wi-Fi service supplied by Glide.

  6. The Internet in your new home is provided by our trusted partner, Ask4, in most Liberty Living residences*. They’re super experienced in all things ‘studenty’ and ‘Internety’, so you’re in good hands.

    In fact, they’re the leaders in what they do and they have 24/7 support available to make sure everything runs smoothly, too.

    *Exceptions to this service include: Liberty House (Cardiff), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Ask4 in blocks D, E and F, and blocks A, B and C have broadband and Wi-Fi services supplied by Cardiff University. Liberty Dock (Leeds), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by the University of Leeds. Liberty Court – Annex Building (Leicester), broadband and Wi-Fi services will be supplied by Optify. Liberty Court – Athena Apartments (Leicester) and Liberty Court – Oxford House (Leicester), which get a 50Mb/s Wi-Fi service supplied by Glide.

  7. Once you arrive at your residence, all you’ll need to do is open a web browser with your Wi-Fi enabled device, and follow the instructions. Once you’ve registered, you can use the same details across all of your devices. 

  8. You can have up to seven devices on your account at any one time – so all you need to do is enable Wi-Fi on each one, connect to the Ask4 network and open up a browser, head here, and log in to the account you already set up on the first device.

  9. Unfortunately, we have to ask everyone to turn off any personal routers that they may have. We hate to sound like the ‘cyber police’, but it just keeps our service running more quickly. Other routers only interfere.

  10. Have you tried turning it off and on again? It sounds trivial, but restarting your device can be a big help when it comes to technological issues!

    If all else fails, contact Ask4 themselves – they’ll be happy to help!

  11. There are loads of ways to get in touch, so there’s no escaping you as far as they’re concerned.

    The good news is you can call (0114 303 3232), text (07797 800 545), email or visit their support centre on their website.

  1. Contents insurance is included as standard in the cost of your room. You should check here to see how much this covers.

    If you have anything especially valuable, you will need to find out about additional insurance requirements.

    All claims will go through Endsleigh, our trusted partner. 

  2. To make a claim you’ll have to contact Endsleigh – our allocated partner – directly and go through them. Reception will be more than happy to give you details of what to do if you need them or you can visit the Endsleigh website.

  3. Completely. We hope that you will feel ultra-secure throughout your time with us. We have CCTV monitoring all our residences, and there is also an electronic key fob entry system to prevent random people coming in off the street.

    Your individual room can be accessed only by you, with a key. All guests are signed in, and most residences also have a security team patrolling throughout the night.

    Remember, your belongings are also insured. 

  4. It’s a legal requirement that we have to restrict the windows for your safety. Please don’t tamper with this restriction, and let us know straight away if it breaks. 

  5. If you’ve lost or forgotten your keys or fob, don’t panic. There will almost always be someone available at the residence to let you back in and sort out a replacement.

    Please note that there will be a charge for any replacements issued.  

  6. Most residences have management teams available throughout the working week, and security teams working around the clock at night times and weekends to support you. 

  7. Our fire alarms are tested weekly and there will be a drill at the start of the academic year to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they’d need to head in the event of a real evacuation.

    There is appropriate emergency signage located throughout each building, but if you’re ever unsure or worried, you can speak to staff who’ll be happy to explain where you’d need to go.

    We ask that everyone behaves safely and responsibly at all times and remember – falsely setting off a fire alarm is a criminal offence and it could cost you your place at University as well as a criminal record.

  8. For medical emergencies, in the event of fire, or if you are the victim of crime, you must always call for an ambulance, the fire brigade, or the police.

    The number in the UK is 999. However, if you are having an emergency that you feel we could help you with, you should contact any member of staff. 


  1. All students are required to pay their rent on time.We ask all UK students to provide details of a Guarantor – a person who they trust who can cover them in the event of missing a payment.

    You’ll need to provide some details about yourself and proof of your address.

    If your child does not pay their rent on time, as Guarantor you’re legally obligated to pay for them.

    You must agree and sign to this responsibility before it’s legally binding and we will send you an email with all of the information you need.

  2. You can’t move in with your child, but you’re very welcome to visit. Some residences have guest flats available, but we can provide details of local hotels for your comfort if this isn’t an option. 

  3. We have CCTV around all of our residences, and we also have security staff throughout the night at most of our locations.

    There is always someone available 24/7 for your child to turn to if they have any worries. Additionally, only our students can get into the building, via electronic key fob entry.

    Any visitors have to be signed in and accompanied, and strangers simply cannot enter the residence.

    Each student is also covered by contents insurance, and they are the only person with a key to access their individual room at any time. 

  4. We’d imagine most students have their mobile phones glued to them, but in case you can’t reach them, we’d be happy to take a message at their residence and pass this on.

    You can also write to them, including their room number and name on any letters you send. Finally, because we have super-fast Internet in all residences, they’ve no excuses not to respond to an email or two!

  5. When students first arrive, we take information about their emergency contacts so that we can reach you if we need to. We hope it never comes to it, but we can touch base with ease if we ever have good reason. 

  6. All of the students in our residences are adults, so we don’t impose any kind of curfew. Our accommodation is designed to be flexible, and we want to give students a real taste of independence to help them grow.

    If you are concerned about the safety of your child, please do get in touch with the residence manager to discuss the different safety measures in place.