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Can’t bear to live away from your friends? You don’t have to. We make it easy for you to live in a group of between two to six people in our student accommodation.

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Setting up a group booking is easy!

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    How to book as a group

    Guess what? Setting up a group booking with Liberty Living is easy, which means that if you want to live with your friends, you can! You’re free to choose your flatmates, somewhere between two and ten of you, who are keen to live together in our student accommodation.

    University is a super social time, and we don’t want to be splitting any groups up. So, whether you met at school, on your course, or even right here with us, we’ll be happy to keep you together where we possibly can.

    There are two really quick and simple ways that you can let us know that you’re looking to book in a group. If you’re already living with us, you can pop down to reception and have a word with the Residence Team. They can also be reached by phone if you’re not staying with us, too, and they’ll take down the names and contact details of everyone you want to stay with, and set up the group booking for you.

    The second option you have is to let us know at the time of booking, just enter the names and email addresses of your friends in the ‘Who do you want to share with?’ section of the booking process, and we’ll get in touch to try and sort it out for you.

    Please note that you can’t pop in the details of people you don’t actually know… that would just be creepy!

    As an added bonus, we’ll even help you get settled into your rooms with our group booking incentive. If your group contains four or more people, we’ll give you a £100* shopping voucher – free!

    Remember: friends who live together, cook together. There are no excuses now!

    *Shopping voucher offer of £100 is only available at selected residences, check out our Special offer T & Cs for more details.