Accommodation for international students

Our ideal student accommodation is close to many UK universities as well as everything each city has to offer, so you’ll be in the centre of all the action. You’ll be joining over 4,500 international students who stay with us from all around the world together with 14,500 UK students, and our experienced Management Teams are excited to help you settle in to your new home.

Great locations throughout the UK

  • Bedford, Liberty Park

  • Bristol, Liberty Park

  • Birmingham, Liberty Court

  • Birmingham, Liberty Gardens

  • Cardiff, Liberty Bridge

  • Cardiff, Liberty Cambrian Point

  • Cardiff, Liberty Court

  • Cardiff, Liberty Gardens

  • Cardiff, Liberty House

  • Cardiff, Liberty Park

  • Cardiff, Liberty Severn Point

  • Coventry, Liberty Park

  • Coventry, Liberty Point

  • Glasgow, Liberty House

  • Leeds, Liberty Park

  • Leeds, Liberty Dock

  • Leicester, Liberty Park

  • Liverpool, Liberty Atlantic Point

  • Liverpool, Liberty Park

  • Liverpool, Liberty Prospect Point

  • London, Liberty Court

  • London, Liberty Hall

  • London, Liberty House (Sebastian Street)

  • London, Liberty House (St John Street)

  • London, Liberty Plaza

  • Manchester, Liberty Heights

  • Manchester, Liberty Point

  • Manchester, Liberty Living at Sir Charles Groves Hall

  • Medway, Liberty Quays

  • Newcastle, Liberty Court

  • Newcastle, Liberty Plaza

  • Newcastle, Liberty Quays

  • Newcastle, Liberty Quays Studios

  • Southampton, Liberty Point

  • Southampton, Liberty Quays

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Why choose Liberty Living?

  1. Navigation_pink_LibertyLiving.svg Student living

    A real student experience!

    Being a student in the UK is exciting – you won’t just build on your academic knowledge, you’ll build a social network and a community around you, too. There are plenty of opportunities to learn both inside and out of the classroom from people whose culture and life experiences have been very different from your own. It’s an exciting time; there’s always so much going on and we recommend throwing yourself in at the deep end. Don’t worry; we don’t literally want you to jump into a swimming pool – that’s just a British phrase which means that you should get stuck in with anything and everything that you can!

    Student living in the UK is generally renowned for being fun and exciting, and our student accommodation allows you to experience this fully for yourself. There will be plenty of people for you to meet, hang out and socialise with right here in your new home. Some of those other residents will be UK students, and others will be international students like you, from all over the world.

    Depending on your course, you might not have many contact hours in your University. This is quite normal, and allows for independent study. All of our bedrooms are equipped with an area for you to work from, including a desk and a chair.

    No matter what you’re interested in, there will be societies you can join at University, or events taking place right here in your Liberty Living accommodation. Plus, there will always be an excuse to do something with your flatmates, whether it’s cooking, playing sport, partying or anything else.



  2. Navigation_pink_Testimonials.svg Testimonials

    • Bristol_LP_Santi_R3_9932.jpg

      I came here from Spain to do a 3 month placement in Bristol. It’s amazing here - such a beautiful building. When I saw it on the website I couldn’t believe it would be so good, but it is even better in real life!

      Santiago Costas

      4th year student

    • Cardiff_CP_Lu Chen_MG_0507.jpg

      I studied in China for 4 years before coming to Cardiff to study my masters. Cardiff is a fun City and everyone is really friendly. I like the staff and the other students very much.

      Lu Chen

      4th year student

    • Cardiff_LG_Himanshi_R3_1153.jpg

      I came here from Delhi 3 years ago, it’s been really easy to make friends and everyone has made me feel so welcome!

      Himanshi Nagi

      1st year student

    • Coventry_LPK_Chee_35A2949.jpg

      I really enjoy living here. I feel safe and if I have a problem within my flat, it is dealt with efficiently. I’m from Malaysia and studying in Coventry – it is a great city and everyone is very friendly. There are lots of shops and the market is close by.

      Mui Sia

      2nd year student

    • London_LH_Vladimir_MG_0349.jpg

      I’m an international student from Russia. One of the main reasons why I chose Liberty Hall is its location, which is just a 3 minute walk from the campus. This is my first year in London and I find it amazing.

      Vladimir Gasanov

      1st year student

    • Manchester_LH_Shamon_R3_5233.jpg

      I’m from Thailand and studying Fashion marketing. Everyone was so welcoming when I first moved here; it felt like home almost straight away.

      Vivian Chen

      4th year student

    • Manchester_LP_Malak_MG_5531.jpg

      I come from a family of engineers. I think that they are quite proud that I am going to be an Architect. My dream is to design the Cairo Opera House in my home country of Egypt.

      Malak Mansour

      3rd year student

  3. Navigation_pink_Easy to rebook.svg How to book

    Ready to start your Liberty Living adventure?

    Booking with Liberty Living is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1. Choose which city & residence you want to stay in, and a room type, too.
    2. Secure your room with a Tenancy Deposit & a few details.
    3. Get ready for the big move and the best adventure of your life!
    1. Find your new room…

    Found your ideal room? You’ve chosen where you want to be, now all we need you to do is create an account and pop in a few details to confirm your booking.

    1. Secure your new room…

    Once you’ve given us your details and agreed to the Tenancy Agreement, you just need to pay us a one-time £200 Tenancy Deposit and set up your payment schedule – then the room is yours. Unsure what a Tenancy Deposit is used for? For more information check out our T & Cs page.

    1. Get ready to move away… and move in!

    It’s all starting to feel real… you’re booked and ready to move in! We’ve sent you confirmation of your booking and anything else you’ll need to know. We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home – and the UK – very soon.

  4. Navigation_pink_Support team.svg Meet our team

    Meet our team

    When you first move to a new country, it’s okay to feel a bit lonely or even scared. It can really help to have people looking out for you with your best interests at heart – that’s where our amazing Residence Teams come in!

    Sure, they’re no replacement for your family, but having people you trust looking out for you can really help to ease the burden of whatever it is you might be feeling when you first get here. It’s perfectly normal to experience homesickness, and it’s quite common to notice a bit of a culture shock as well.

    Your Residence Team will be happy to help you with all aspects of settling in and student life in general. They’re great to lean on in a crisis or even just to grab a quick coffee with if you fancy a chat. Our Residence Teams will even make your life easier by signing for your mail (all those treats from home!) whilst you’re out.

    On top of the care and support you’ll receive emotionally, the team are brilliant behind the scenes as well; making sure your whole student experience goes as smoothly as possible.

  5. Features_pink_CCTV.svg Safety & security

    Keeping you safe

    We appreciate that you might have one or two worries about your safety and security once you move to the UK. If you’re coming from far, far away, you might not know what to expect. It can be scary because you don’t know the area, you don’t know our standards, and you don’t know who to trust.

    When you stay with Liberty Living, we aim to make you feel right at home, and that’s why your safety is our priority. For you to settle in, we recognise that you have to feel secure and we have a range of things in place to give you complete peace of mind.

    We have CCTV across all of our residences for your protection, and in most cases we even have actual teams patrolling to make sure everything is as it should be. If you’re worried about anything, you can have a chat to the security teams or give their emergency number a call.

    Our residences are secure by design as well. You’re only able to enter if you live with us, thanks to our key fob entry system. Your individual room itself can only be accessed with a key or fob, and aside from the Residence Team, you’ll be the only one who can ever gain entry.

    We’ve been looking out for international students for many years and so we’ve got loads of experience under our belt. We want you to feel at home, and so we do everything in our power to achieve this.



  6. Navigation_pink_Universities.svg University endorsed

    We have great relationships with UK universities

    We partner with the very best higher education institutions because our customers do, too. Our student accommodation is endorsed by some of the UK’s leading universities and we work in partnership with many of these to make sure you’ve somewhere safe, clean and fun to come home to at the end of a hard day’s work.

    • University Logos 110x45px_CardiffUniversity_Colour_1.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_CardiffMetropolitanUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_CityUniversityOfLondon.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_CoventryUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_DeMontfortUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_LeedsBeckettUniversity.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_LiverpoolJohnMooresUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_NewcastleUniversity.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_NorthumbriaUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_RobertGordonUniversity.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_Royal ConservatoireofScotland.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_SheffieldHallamUniversity.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_SouthamptonSolentUniversity.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_UniversityCollegeLondon.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofAberdeen.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofBedfordshire.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofBirmingham.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofKent.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofLeeds.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofManchester.svg
      University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofSouthampton.svg
    • University Logos 110x45px_UniversityofSouthWales.svg
  7. Navigation_pink_Awards.svg Multi-award winning

    Multi-award winning

    We’re honestly not trying to brag, but here goes. We don’t just think we’re amazing – we know we are, so you’re in good hands. We’ve won plenty of awards, and to be honest, we’re not complaining if we have to get a bigger cabinet to stock them in (and we can’t turn down a glitzy ceremony, either). Awards are an internationally recognised symbol for success. From ‘Best Customer Service’ to ‘Best Private Hall Provider’, we have our fair share to shine already, so take a look below…

    • Awarded ‘Best Halls of Residence in the UK’ 2018

    • Awarded ‘International Accommodation Quality Mark’ from 2012 – 2017

    • Shortlisted 'Best Private Halls Provider' from 2014 – 2017

    • Winner 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Student Broadband' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Learning Environment' 2016

    • Winner of the 'Contribution to the Student Experience' award 2016

    • Winner of the Rate Your Landlord 'Improvement Impact Award' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Learning Environment' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Student Broadband' 2015

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2015

    • Shortlisted 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2014

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2014

    • Winner of the 'Best Hall of Residence of the Year' survey 2013

    • Winner 'Best Customer Service' 2012

  8. Navigation_pink_Pastoral care.svg Your Student Experience

    Enhancing your Student Experience

    Our dedicated Student Experience programme has been created to ensure that every single one of you has the best stay possible when you live with us. Whether it is coming along to our social events and activities to meet new people, getting involved in fundraising and volunteering for some amazing charities, or popping along to drop in sessions to seek advice on finances, wellbeing and careers, we have something for you.

    We understand that University can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, but don’t worry our team are great at giving advice on and mediating in all kinds of welfare issues that you may experience, such as homesickness, difficulty in getting on with flatmates, noise complaints, relationship problems, partying too hard and having trouble with studies.

    Also, if you need more guidance, we have great relationships with our University partners and their support departments to help and guide you.

    Follow the link to find out more about our Student Experience programme.

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