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Liberty Living has great experience in working in partnership with plenty of universities and prides itself on being responsive to University as well as student needs.

Why partner with Liberty Living?

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    Liberty Living manages student accommodation for its 100% investor, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). We work in conjunction with universities and other representative bodies to provide modern, stylish and affordable accommodation to the growing student population in the UK, and we too have grown as a company since our first student residence opened in 1999.

    At present, Liberty Living manages approximately 25,000 beds in 21 different cities across 3 countries; UK, Germany and Spain. Our German operation, Galileo Residenz is located on the University of Bremen’s campus. Our Spanish operation, Collegio Mayor Galileo Galilei is located on the Polytechnic University of Valencia campus.

    If a UK city has a strong student presence, there’s a good chance we provide student accommodation in one of our 51 UK residences. We pride ourselves on great, centrally located residences with an easy online booking system to pay for the all-inclusive rent that we offer.

    Each residence is managed individually by a Residence Team who are supported by a central services function based in London, Manchester and Leicester.

  2. Navigation_pink_LibertyLiving.svg Why partner with us?

    Why partner with us?

    Thanks to CPPIB’s recognition of the potential for student accommodation, at Liberty Living we have developed our brand as a private-sector accommodation provider of choice for students and universities.

    In fact, at Liberty Living we currently have about 60% of our beds nominated by over 30 University partners in and around the UK, meaning that there is a lot of trust placed in the services we offer and deliver.

    What are the benefits?

    In outsourcing accommodation to us, universities have the opportunity to redirect much-needed funds into their core business. With our focus on consistent operational excellence, Liberty Living works together with university partners to deliver great value and most importantly, quality student accommodation. This allows universities to focus on the key reasons they exist – education and research.

    Our mantra

    We love to grow our portfolio, and this is made possible by the type of service that we provide. We give our students more than simply “four walls and a roof” – we support them and want to see them develop along with us.

    We’re also pretty conscientious, and if we’re not busy helping our students to settle in, we’re coming up with fundraising ideas to help charities and the local communities we work in; our charitable donations put us in Just Giving’s top 1% of fund raisers in 2014. We develop services for demand in an ever-changing modern world.

    We’re award-winning…

    We’re making a lot of big claims… but thankfully, we can back them up! We’ve won plenty of prestigious industry awards and we’d love to win even more. From ‘Best Customer Service’ to ‘Best Private Halls’, we have our fair share of student-voted honours under our belt to prove that our students are in good hands.

  3. Navigation_pink_LibertyLiving.svg Benefits for students?

    We are passionate about the buildings and services that we offer. Moreover, we are committed to providing all of our residents with the best experience possible which is why we have created a dedicated Student Experience programme, delivered by every one of our student residences to every student that lives with us.

    Today's students are far more focused on quality and service, and their expectations grow and grow every year, becoming more and more sophisticated in their needs! Obviously, the ultimate reason students go to University is for is a qualification that will result from the course they take.

    However, research has shown that the standard of accommodation is an important ingredient in the criteria of University choice. The demand for high-quality En-suite accommodation experienced in the past five years by many universities illustrates this point dramatically.

    Liberty Living is recognised as a market leader in the service it delivers and is a founding member of the ANUK Code of Standards.

    The reason we are so appreciated as a quality student accommodation provider is because we truly go the extra mile. We take the students themselves into account in every decision we make. Utility bills are all included in the rent and we offer a wide variety of rooms, such as En-suite, Studios and Shared Apartments. The fact that we offer choice is exactly what we’ve found that our customers are looking for.

    We’re proud to say that the Residence Teams we employ are always willing to help in any way they can.

  4. Navigation_pink_LibertyLiving.svg Benefits to universities?

    Liberty Living has great experience in working in partnership with plenty of universities and prides itself on being responsive to University as well as student needs. Liberty Living has experience in various types of partnership arrangements with universities, including new build, stock transfer, lease and nomination. These different ways are explained below:

    Partnership with a University

    At Liberty Living we are able to directly build and develop residences in partnership with a University, which can be great for them because they can release funds from unused land on campus. A rolling lease can allow the flexibility necessary for the University to continue expansion and offer top-quality accommodation without requiring their own capital to meet accommodation needs.

    We have demonstrated our proficiency with this at the University of Bedford and our Liberty Park residence.

    Stock Transfer

    We understand that some University accommodation buildings are in need of renovation, but this requires a major investment in order to bring them up to the standard required for today's cutting-edge students.

    Instead of spending the substantial sum required, universities are able to sell their assets and bank millions of pounds from the sale of the buildings to us, and we’re happy to modernise them. Liberty Living has previously delivered refurbishments in just 9 weeks over the summer following acquisition (to minimise disruption) and has therefore been able to deliver top-quality accommodation to the following year's intake.

    The University subsequently entered into an agreement with Liberty Living, ensuring that they were in control of the same number of bed spaces and were not limited in the number of students they could accommodate.

    Agreements with a University

    Sometimes we have existing accommodation which offers precisely the location, number of beds and standard needed for certain universities to support their ambitious plans for campus expansion.

    By placing confidence in us with our intrinsic standard of customer care, universities are able to negotiate a long-term agreement with Liberty Living to provide beds directly to their own students.

    The University is then guaranteed beds for students at no extra cost!

    Lease agreements

    If a University has great, centrally located accommodation, we love to hear from them. In this type of agreement, Liberty Living controls things like cleaning and maintenance, leaving University staff to control the allocation of rooms and student welfare issues – all assisted by our Liberty Living staff "on the ground".

    We’ve demonstrated how this can work nicely with Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen!

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    Liberty Living is in the student accommodation business for the long term and is interested in any opportunities to grow through the acquisition of suitable residences. With strong and stable financial backing, Liberty Living makes an ideal partner for long term partnership plans.

    The Liberty Living brand is proud of the fact that it’s able to work flexibly as well as professionally. We cater crucially to both University and student needs, and we’d be delighted to talk informally to any universities interested in discussing their accommodation needs for the future or present.

    We’ve told you about some of the great things we can do, so it’s only fair that University references are available on request.

    For further information on services provided by Liberty Living contact:

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    Peninsular House
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    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7398 7430
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    For further details or to set up a meeting, contact our Enquiries Team at