10 fun ways to get to know your room mates!


University is right around the corner now, and so the prospect of moving into your student accommodation is getting super exciting, and all the more real. You’ll meet people at university that may be very different to the people you know from school.

Perhaps they like different music, eat different foods, or come from different places. This is your perfect opportunity to have a world of experiences brought to you, all in one place.

As amazing as it’s bound to be, it’s okay to feel slightly terrified – that’s natural. The terror can be completely alleviated, though, by being confident and looking forward to all of the new experiences that are right around the corner.

Meeting new people in student accommodation is one of them, and there are plenty of ways to get to know them. After all, once you’ve bonded – it’s more than likely that you’ll become friends.

1. Get their numbers

Old-fashioned? Perhaps. But asking for your flat mates’ actual phone numbers will really help in an emergency. While you’re at it, get their social media details, too. You’ll be able to see what they’re all about, and casually bond over group chat.

2. Go out together

What's Freshers' Week without a night out or two (or five)? Your new flat mates are in the same boat as you, so you can all go out together! A drink or two might help to loosen the mood, but don’t worry if alcohol isn’t your thing; you can still have a lot of fun just hanging out with new people.

3. Play some games

Whether you’re playing games before going out, or simply to pass the time, little games and quizzes can act as ice breakers. They don’t all need to revolve around partying, with some “getting to know you” type questions, such as discovering everything from their hometowns to their pet peeves.

4. Explore

When you move into your housing, you’re often moving to a new city at the same time. Most of you will be in the same situation, so why not learn everything there is to know about your new setting together? That way, if you get lost, you won’t be alone!

5. Decorate

Your Liberty Living accommodation comes furnished with everything that you need, but you can inject a little personality thanks to a few carefully hung posters on the noticeboards and trinkets here and there. Do it as a group effort – it’ll reflect you all as a team!

6. Have a dinner night

We've all seen Come Dine With Me – a dinner party is the perfect way to bond (and maybe spill a few secrets…). It’s not all about the food (so yeah, that means you can order in), but they do say that food is the way to our hearts, after all!

7. Do a movie night

A movie night is the ideal night in for students! You could make some home-made snacks and then decide on something from Netflix.

Of course, you're bound to have different tastes, so why not put the options in a hat, or put them to a vote? If you're really ready to make a commitment to one another, you could always choose a series to watch from the beginning instead.

8. Plan trips together

Whether it’s a trip to the local ice rink or a weekend adventure somewhere further afield, going off on adventures as a group can really help you forge friendships. At the very least, you’ll create great memories to last a lifetime.

9. Go to student experience events

Liberty Living offers a Student Experience program of events, which vary depending on where you’re based. These range from movie nights, pub quizzes through to BBQ's, so there’s no need to stress about planning everything yourselves.

10. Make a bucket list

Do you want to reach a particular goal, or achieve a particular student dream? The last thing you want is to look back in five years and regret not making the most of your time spent at university.

Making a bucket list for the year to complete as a group is an ideal way to make the most of your first year and live life to the fullest.

Liberty Living provides accommodation in 19 different cities across the UK, but it’s the residents from all over the world who truly make the magic happen. Make the most of your experience!