10 things you’ll know if you grew up in the 00s


Forget the golden age, the 00s were the neon age, with a new toy craze every few weeks and many crazy fashion trends and hairstyles. It was a special time before high-speed internet and MacBooks. Instead of iPhones, we had Motorola flip phones and they were the coolest thing ever. There are many trends that hold a special place in the hearts of 00s kids who are now at university, so here are 10 things you’ll know if, like me, you grew up in the neon age…

1. How to look after a Tamagotchi

You and every kid in school had a Tamagotchi. These lovable little virtual pets kept you busy playing with them, feeding them, not to mention cleaning up their poo! It was a big challenge keeping these cute creatures alive.

2. The best after-school hangouts happened on MSN

Were you really a 00s kid if you didn’t sit on MSN all night talking to your school friends, sending sparkly ‘wuu2’ gifs and signing in and out again so your crush would notice you? R.I.P to the gem of instant messaging that was MSN.

3. Everyone wanted an iPod nano

These beauties were the music player of choice in the 00s. Whether bright pink, orange or blue, the trusty iPod nano had the old click wheel – the precursor to touchscreen technology. Ah, nostalgia!

4. Just how fun scoobies were

Forget loom bands, scoobies were the one! Everyone in the playground had a collection of these multi-coloured neon strings. They could be made into so many things: keyrings, pens, a cool accessory for your bag, you name it!

5. Polly Pocket came with you everywhere

These miniature dolls and playsets were the best, especially the little suitcase they came in so you could take them anywhere with you.

6. Heelys were coolest trainers to own

So cool that they got banned at school for being a health hazard! Trainers with wheels meant no more walking and you obviously looked seriously cool wheeling down the street. A staple of 00s fashion.

7. Club Penguin was the place to be

Many happy hours were spent enjoying the delights that Club Penguin had to offer, be it chilling out in the coffee house, dancing in the nightclub, playing cart surfer, taking your puffles for walks in the forest or decorating your igloo to perfection. Club Penguin had it all!

8. Primary school was nothing without a parachute

Playing with the parachute was the best thing to ever happen at primary school. When the parachute came out, you knew you were in for the most fun P.E. lesson ever!

9. Disney channel had all the best shows

All the classic shows were on Disney: Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zac and Cody, Wizards of Waverley Place. The best after-school viewing!

10. Harry Potter was your childhood

We 00s kids were the lucky ones who grew up following the magical adventures of Harry Potter. We’ll never forget the excitement of the next book or film release. Thank you J.K.!

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Hannah Montanan