17 signs your flatmate has become your best friend


You only met in September, but the prospect of spending summer without them is painful. If any of the signs below sound familiar, then you and your flatmate may have become besties already.

1. Sharing food is never a problem

Sharing food

If you’re suddenly missing an onion, you instantly know who the culprit is! But you don’t care, they’re your best friend.

2. Knocking on doors doesn’t exist

Whether you’re intensely working or completely starkers, knocking on each other’s doors is simply not an option for you guys.

3. Phoning each other when you’re in the next room

You could just shout through the wall… but where’s the fun in that?

4. You know each other’s takeaway order

“Don’t worry, your chicken jalfrezi and peshwari naan is on its way.”

5. Nights in are always as good as nights out

Staying in

Bring the club to the kitchen or common room - it’s cheaper, less hassle and more fun!

6. You cut each other’s hair

No one wants to spend their loan at the hairdressers, no matter how shocking your flatmate may be with a pair of scissors.

7. You've probably seen each other naked 

At first it was embarrassing and a shock, now it’s a daily occurrence. 

8. Truth is a given

You always tell each other the truth no matter what - you need to be straight up with your bestie. What’s the point in lying?

9. Borrowing clothes is also a given

Borrowing clothes

Rifling through each other’s wardrobes without asking isn’t an issue in your friendship!

10. You don’t know what to do with yourself when they go away for the weekend

Longest weekend of your life? Crying? Feeling lost? Just come back already!

11. If you watch an episode alone of a series you’ve been watching together, there’s hell to pay

Whether you’re binge-watching Game of Thrones or Riverdale, under no circumstances can you view it alone, got it?

12. You’re each other’s personal stylist

Delaying your night out because of a serious wardrobe malfunction just doesn’t happen when your best friend’s offering style advice.

13. You try and quit bad habits together

Bad habits

Whether you’re trying to give up coffee or chocolate, you’re either in it together, or indulging together.

14. You fall asleep in each other’s rooms

Waking up in your own bed feels weird without your bestie spooning you.

15. When you see each other around campus it’s as if you haven’t seen each other in years

Waving like lunatics and screaming down the road to be reunited with your BFF is the highlight of your day, even though you’re going to see them at home.

16. You wouldn’t swap them for anyone

You may drive each other crazy, but you love them more than anything.

17. You support each other through everything


Even if you don’t necessarily agree, nothing can get in the way of your best mate thriving in whatever they want to do.

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