2017's most hilarious hugs, handshakes and high-fives


As National Hugging Day is fast approaching (get ready to dish out your best hugs on 21st January!), we've prepared for the big day by looking back on the most awkward and hilarious hugs, handshakes and high-fives that 2017 gave us. As well as laughing along with the politicians and celebrities who endured these embarrassing encounters, remembering these moments shows us that everyone, including public figures, sometimes experience awkward social situations. Get ready to cringe…

1. Jezza wins the award for most awkward high-five ever

We’ve got to give it to them – politicians manage to create the most awkward hugs, handshakes and high-fives, as proven by Jeremy Corbyn on June’s election night. As the story goes, Jeremy mistakenly slapped fellow Labour MP Emily Thornberry’s chest as he went to give her a celebratory high-five. They laughed it off, but this high-five fail was certainly painful to watch. Oh dear Jezza, maybe just go for a hug next time?

2. Donald Trump holds Theresa May’s hand

Although this wasn’t strictly a handshake, it involved hand-holding and it was extremely awkward. We're talking, of course, about Theresa May and Donald Trump holding hands as they walked along the colonnade at the White House during the Prime Minister’s state visit to the US in January. Whether it was due to Trump’s rumoured fear of stairs and ramps (bathmophobia), or it was ‘a moment of assistance’ to help the Prime Minister down the ramp (as she has since described it), one thing is certain: this encounter was almost as uncomfortable for the spectator as it was for the PM and President themselves. Almost…

3. Emma Stone’s fail of a hug at the Golden Globes

She was trying to congratulate Damien Chazelle (director/writer of ‘La La Land’) for his win of Best Original Screenplay at the Golden Globe Awards in January, but Emma Stone’s attempt at a hug was unsuccessful, to say the least. At the very same moment that Emma went in for a hug, Chazelle kissed his girlfriend. Emma handled it like a pro by laughing it off and apologising, but the internet won’t forget for a long time, as it has now been immortalised in GIF form. It’s OK, Emma, we find your awkwardness endearing.

4. Trump’s everlasting handshake

He did it again. That’s right, Donald Trump once again demonstrated his notoriously awkward and unusual hand-shaking habits in another encounter with a fellow world leader. This time he shared a seemingly never-ending handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron following his two-day state visit to France in July. Have you ever known a handshake to last longer than 30 seconds? We honestly can’t imagine that anyone other than Trump and Macron have ever experienced that level of clamminess.

5. Possibly the most cringeworthy handshake-hug The Apprentice has ever seen

The hug that Elizabeth McKenna tried to give to her fellow contestant Siobhan Smith turned into an awkward non-hug/half-handshake (yes, it was that messy) as Smith tried to keep the distance between them by offering her hand instead. The hug (if we can even call it that) sparked a discussion on social media, with one viewer describing it as ‘savage’ and another saying ‘I’ve not seen a more awkward hug between two people since Voldemort and Draco Malfoy’.

May 2018 be filled with many, many more moments like these.