4 things you’ve (probably) never done with baked beans


Tins of baked beans are an absolute shelf staple for students. Whether you dollop them on a jacket potato, toast or hash browns as part of a fry up, any student who says they ‘haven’t eaten baked beans at university’ is most definitely telling porkies. They’re cheap, long-lasting and easy to cook, so perfect for the student lifestyle. But like anything, the good ol’ baked-beans-on-toast combo can become repetitive after a while. So, here are four more tasty things you can do with them.

1. Baked beans bean burgers

Baked beans burger

Bit of a mouthful that one. When people think of ‘bean burgers’, they’re probably not picturing a burger made from a tin of baked beans. Most restaurants serve up patties of black or kidney beans, rather than the tinned kind. But why not give baked beans a chance? They're cheap, readily available and still make a super tasty burger. Any baked bean burgers left uneaten (unlikely) can be frozen for another day, so your efforts will be well worth it.

Find the full recipe on Asda Good Living.

2. Vegan baked beans curry

Vegan curry

Did you know that baked beans are suitable for vegetarians AND vegans? Well, November being World Vegan Month, we thought we’d give this vegan recipe a whirl. OK, so baked beans curry doesn’t sound that appetising, we know, but trust us when we say it’s better than you think. Transform boring beans into a fiery dish with some spices and chopped tomatoes, then serve with rice and naan bread - make it as spicy as you like! That 30-day vegan eating challenge just got a lot easier…

Find the full recipe on BestRecipes.com.

3. Baked beans pasta bake

Baked beans bake

Like baked beans, pasta is another student classic. However, when you pair the two (along with enough cheese to sink a ship), pasta and beans actually make an excellent team! The baked beans juice creates a great tomatoey base for the pasta, the beans add a soft, subtle texture and the cheese helps to mould it altogether. Alright, it’s hardly rocket science, but we were pretty chuffed (and stuffed) when we made this dish for the first time. Who doesn’t love a bit of comfort food?

Find the full recipe on SmartNutrition.com.

4. Baked beans toastie

Baked beans toastie

We were sold on this one when we heard ‘it’s like beans on toast but better’. That’s all you need to know. You can put your own twist on this one by adding extra ingredients, such as ham, spinach or jalapeños. And don’t worry if you don’t have a toastie machine in your university flat, because you can make the perfect baked beans toastie under a regular oven grill (just make sure you put some foil or a tray underneath to stop all the delicious cheese and beans from oozing out onto your oven floor).

Find the full recipe on VeryTasty.pro.

We hope you’re feeling bean-spired to whip up something different with your baked beans. Have you jazzed up beans to make them taste better? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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