5 budget Bank Holiday ideas for cash-strapped students


It’s August, and for most of us students, this means our focus right now is going back to university next month. However, there’s still the August Bank Holiday to enjoy first. These are my top ideas for enjoying your Bank Holiday (which won’t break your bank account).

1. Notting Hill carnival

Notting Hill carnival takes place in London every year during the Bank Holiday weekend and is the biggest street party in Europe. This free event is perfect for students, as you don’t have to spend loads of money to have a good time, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. From live music to incredible food (the jerk chicken is a must for meat-eaters), there really is something for everyone.

2. Chill out in a pub garden

Sometimes, the best days are the ones that require very little organisation. Take a trip to your local pub and spend the day relaxing in the beer garden. If you go to a Wetherspoons, you can download the app and get your food and drink delivered to your table so you don’t even have to go and wait at the bar (we can't promise it'll sprout from the ground from a hidden plant dispenser though). Anyway, there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere in a beer garden when the weather is still warm (ish!) and nobody is worrying about having to go to work the next day.

3. Have a BBQ

While beer gardens are great on a Bank Holiday weekend, they can also get quite busy. So, bring it to your house and host a BBQ for your friends and family. You can’t go wrong with good food and good company! Plus, this is a cheap way of catching up with lots of people at the same time.

4. Go on an adventure

I think everyone gets in those moods sometimes where they just want to do something different. I mean, for me, that would be going on a last-minute trip to a different country but on a student budget, it’s not really feasible. Why not get your friends together and try out an adventure park like Skywalk Adventure or Go Ape over the Bank Holiday? Or for a fun indoor activity, head to one of Flip Out’s trampoline parks. It’ll give you something different to do and should be a laugh!

5. Scrap that, go camping

While I’m sure we would all love to go on 5* trips to places like Dubai and New York, that isn’t always the most practical way to spend what's left of your loan. However, we still want to travel and escape ‘real life’ for a bit. Why not go on a camping trip? You’re getting away from your day to day life for a bit and getting to experience the great outdoors, while not breaking your bank account. Perfect, right? Find your perfect pitch on Pitch Up and don’t forget to bring the pegs. Happy camping!

What are your favourite things to do on a Bank Holiday weekend?