5 fun ideas for a night in with your flatmates


Nights out at uni are always guaranteed entertainment – what’s not to love about drinking and dancing with your best pals (and making even more friends in the club toilets)? But paying for club entry and rounds of drinks all adds up. As do the hangovers and regrets… That’s why having a night in can be much better, cheaper and (dare I say it?) even more fun than a night out. So, here are five fool-proof ways to have fun with your friends at home.

1. Props to pampering


Everyone needs to pamper themselves at some point at university. Whether you and your pals try out face masks, give each other ridiculous makeovers or just mess around with silly props, you’ll genuinely feel like your skin has a bit of a glow the morning after (rather than waking up with that greasy hangover shine you hate). Pamper nights are great fun as a group and you’ll be sure to bond with your mates.

2. Game on


Whether you play board games, your own version of “Would I Lie To You?” or fancy making a game up of your own, having a games night with your flatmates will be cheap and very cheerful. You’re bound to have as much fun playing Boggle or Fortnite as you would on the dance floor! Just watch out for that one person who gets a little bit too competitive…

3. Host a supper club

Supper club

Making dinner at uni can be stressful if you don’t have quite enough ingredients to make what you want. So, why don’t you rally together and host a supper club in your shared kitchen (or a friend’s)? You can all chip in ingredients to make a delicious home-cooked meal or mezze and lay the table for a proper cosy dinner together! It’ll probably work out far cheaper than cooking for one.

4. Create your own cinema


Watching films or a TV series with your flatmates is a great shout and guarantees a cosy evening in. Depending on what kind of vibe you’re after, you could opt for a rom-com, a horror, or a crime thriller series. All you need to do is stock up on popcorn!

5. Indulge in a takeaway


So, this option might not be the cheapest, but use those student discounts and make the most of the local takeaways where you live! Waiting for that knock on your door knowing your food is going to arrive piping hot and delicious is always a good way to spend time with your flatmates.

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