5 reasons a clearing university isn't the end of the world


So, the exam results are in and… you didn’t get your first choice of university. It can feel like a huge blow, and for many people, it’s one that they really weren’t expecting. You put in all that effort to get those grades, and you missed out – perhaps by a little, perhaps by a lot. For some people, this can be a sign that the time for university just isn’t now. When it comes to the vast majority, however, their hopes have been pinned on this dream for a really long time, and the idea of taking a gap year or not going at all just isn’t what they want to hear.

Don’t worry. You have options! You might have heard about clearing, but there’s honestly nothing to fear. If you’ve set your sights on one university or one particular course for the last few years then sure, anything else may seem like a bitter pill to swallow, but this decision doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are five reasons as to why…

1. You may still be able to go to the same uni

Missing out on the course you wanted doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to kiss your dreams of that particular city or even University goodbye. It may well be that there are other courses which don’t require your grades to be as high to be accepted. You’ll never know until you have a look!

2. You may still be able to do the same course

Okay, so perhaps you’re willing to swap Newcastle for Liverpool, or London for Birmingham, if you’re able to still do the course you’ve always fancied. Have a look! You may be surprised – a course at a lower-ranking university doesn’t always mean poor quality education. They may well be able to offer you better work experience, or top-class facilities. There are an abundance of positives about almost every institution, you just have to do your research to see what will do best for you.

3. You get the chance to be honest with yourself

Many of us fill out those UCAS forms at 17 years old, when we have absolutely no idea what we want to do with our lives. Having to physically make decisions based on what we ACTUALLY want to do as well as our true strengths (and weaknesses) can be a blessing in disguise. Do you want to re-sit your exams? Do you want to go travelling and make your mind up later? Or do you think that there is a course for you that you can be happy with, that you never had to nerve to choose until this moment?!

4. You can broaden your educational horizons

Some courses are less popular because people know less about them, or because people have a misconception about Joint Honours courses, for example, as people think they’re diluted. In actual fact, Joint Honours degrees can enrich your education or make it well rounded. Perhaps you can pick up more vocational skills, or add a ‘fun’ or creative focus to your learning path. An English degree (as an example) might ask for AAB – but English with Creative Writing may only want BBB, so you’d get the best of both worlds, and learn something fresh along the way.

5. University is what you make it!

When you get to university, no matter where you go, there will be thousands of other new students, all excited and ready to embark on their new journey with you. You’ll make friends no matter where you go, and each new experience will add a new dimension regardless. Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. However, when life throws us a curveball, that can often be when things truly get really interesting!


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