5 reasons why students choose Southampton


Students living in the coastal city of Southampton are known to have a high satisfaction rate and, of course, access to two leading universities. 

As the University of Southampton says itself, “this place is for dreamers, believers and schemers”.

But academia aside, why else do students choose to study in Southampton?


1. It’s perfectly proportioned




Looking for a happy medium between a sprawling, busy city and a tiny, sleepy town? Southampton's your place. 

This perfectly-sized city makes it really easy to travel from place to place too. If you live at private student halls Liberty Point for example, you’ll be a three-minute walk from Solent University.


2. The Common and National Parks are so close


New Forest


Sometimes, all you need in life is a place like The Common to chill out with your friends on sunny day.

It covers 326 acres of land north of Southampton and is a great place to get away from the noise of the city for a few hours. Plus, you can get some gorgeous shots for your Instagram too.

Southampton is also sandwiched between two National Parks – New Forest and South Downs – so it’s impossible to be bored with so much parkland to explore.


3. It’s great for sailing and water sports




Southampton’s shores provide plenty of opportunity to take part in water sports, as do the societies at both universities.

The University Watersports Centre offer a range of courses, from kayaking to yachting, along with the Southampton Water Activities Centre, which is just an 11-minute walk from Liberty Quays.

Both centres will give you the chance to (quite literally) dip your toes in the water and try out a new sport.

Many students also make the most of living on the coast in Southampton by heading to the Isle of Wight during Cowes Week, one of the biggest sailing events of the year in the South. Better get practising!


4. There’s something for everyone




Whether you’re spending your nights socialising in popular pub, The Hobbit, or checking out the latest art and theatre shows, there really is something for everyone in Southampton.

The Mayflower Theatre, which offers discounts for students, is just a 10-minute walk from Liberty Point.


5. Southampton has excellent transport links


train travel


If you’ll be travelling home regularly, it’s vital to have good transport links.

Southampton offers easy rail access to cities like London, Brighton and Bournemouth.

Both Liberty Quays and Liberty Point are 15 minutes from Southampton Central railway station, so if you’re staying at either, it’ll be easy go home for the weekend (if you can tear yourself away from the city)!


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