5 student jobs for summer to break up the daily grind!


Sometimes, it seems like our whole lives are mapped out for us. We go to school, we go to university, and perhaps we get a part-time bar, call centre or retail job along the way, until we go and work in an office or settle into our final careers. For the most part, it works quite well. But sometimes, you can’t blame us for wanting to take a walk on the wild side!

Of course, you can give any job a go at just about any stage in your life. However, you’ll likely never have the blessing of time on your side in quite the same way as you do as a student. So, which jobs can you jump into now, that you may never get the chance to again?

Seasonal work at music festivals

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good music festival? You’d probably love it a whole lot better if you managed to get in for free. I’ve done it several times now, and it’s pretty awesome. In fact, you’ll never want to go back to paying (but you still will, because music is life).

There are plenty of jobs that you can do, the most common things being working casual bar shifts through event staffing companies like Flair, or volunteering your time to promote charities or set up the festival itself. There are, of course, music related jobs.

If you’re lucky enough to know someone in a band or with a company related to the industry, you never know – they might need an assistant! Trying your hand at music writing or photography can often also score you some free tickets, if you’re good enough.

Just remember though, you probably won’t get paid for those things, but it’s honestly worth the experience and the money you’d save on a ticket!

Try your hand at modelling

These days it seems like everyone’s a bit of an Instagram model, but if your mates are always telling you that you’ve got the potential to actually make some money from it, why not pluck up the courage and give it a go?

Whether you’ve got a passion for fashion or you just really, really like to work it for the camera, there are plenty of advantages to modelling as a student, from giving you a few pennies to help out with the student loan, through to giving you that extra confidence that you’ll need in bags to go for job interviews and do presentations in your future.

Plus, it’s a bit of fun. I’ve written about the considerations of student models for UK modelling agencies, if you’re thinking about trying your hand!

Coach kids at a foreign summer camp

It’s probably a bit late for this year, but plenty of companies will let you live out your dreams of working abroad during the summer time, without having to commit to massive upheaval and complicated life-adjusting.

Summer camps in America teach kids everything from archery to algebra; and swimming to sewing, so there’s literally bound to be a skill that you have that you could teach the kids. I personally used Camp Leaders at 19, and after an initial adjustment period and slight culture shock, I had the time of my life.

There are also camps around the EU, which might be a little less complicated due to visa processing.

Train as a sports instructor

Don’t fancy moving abroad because of your friends, family, or even a fling? No problem! There are plenty of opportunities to get active over the summer, meaning you get the opportunity to get fit and get paid for it.

From Football to Zumba, there are training sessions that you can undergo so that you can start doing bits of coaching on the side. Dance teachers often teach at gyms which hire them just for specific classes, so you can fit it around that hectic summer social schedule – because they might only run one or two classes a day.

If you’re really keen, why not consider training as a Personal Trainer? It’s a great career, and it’s one that you’ll find quite easy to fit around your studies once the semester starts again.

Give blogging a dabble

Can’t find a company to hire you to write for their blog? No problem! Use the extra time you have over the summer to set up your own. If you’re diligent, bloggers can actually make money off their own blogs, through everything from advertising to sponsored posts.

It’ll take time to set up, but that’s something you probably have more of with it being the holidays. Plus, it’ll act as a ready-built in portfolio when you graduate, if you need some examples for work in that kind of industry. It can be a little overwhelming, but the Internet is well and truly your friend for your research!

There are lots of jobs out there; no matter whether you’re working at a supermarket or pretending to be a superstar. If your summer adventures take you away from home, why not check out and see if Liberty Living has any summer availability in the city of your choice?