5 things every student must do in 2018


Being a student isn't the easiest of things. You’re trying to maintain good grades, a healthy diet and a social life, all while being told by middle-aged people that ‘you don't know how easy you've got it’. Fun, right? To make your life that little bit more exciting, I’ve compiled a list of five things you should definitely do in 2018 (even while you're juggling upcoming deadlines and creating impossible-to-stick-to diet plans).

1. Make connections

Make connections

This year, I have made it my goal to get in touch with different businesses and fellow bloggers and writers, all of which could potentially be useful to me once I have finished my degree and am looking for full-time employment. Right now, I'm picking up any opportunities that I can, whether that’s writing a one-off piece for a local magazine or becoming part of a blogging team for various websites. Not only does this look great on my CV and is interesting to talk about at interviews, it's also really good to do something I enjoy outside of my degree, which leads on to my next point. 

2. Push yourself to join societies

Join societies

I do find that signing up to a society can be quite daunting, but it’s so worth it when you get involved. Plus, if you really enjoy it, you can even apply to be part of the committee for that society. Again, this is an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience, which provides you with the opportunity to meet many more people, some of which could turn out to be lifelong friends. 

3. Take on challenges


This is quite a broad one but I think it’s the most important. That 30-day squat challenge you've been putting off? There's no time like the present. How about that ever-growing pile of books you've been wanting to read but instead of doing so, you've just ordered even more from Amazon? You’d better get a move on with reading them. There's no better feeling than being proud of yourself, so stop procrastinating and get these things done that you've been wanting to do since 2016. 

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Ask for help

As I’ve discovered, a student lifestyle is a very independent one, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for help. We all know that feeling of panic when we reach a point in our revision and don't have a clue what the words are saying anymore. Send an email to your lecturer. Ask a friend. There's nothing to be ashamed of, these people are here to help you. This applies to many situations you face at university. Not sure about your CV? Go to the careers advice centre. Got a bad feeling about your accommodation contract for next year? There’s a department to help you with that, too. Feeling a bit low and don’t know how to get out of what feels like a never-ending rut? That's what the student support centres are for. There's so much help available, you've just got to ask for it. 

5. Develop your awareness

Be curious

You can discover a lot by embracing your curiosity, from asking your flatmates more questions about themselves and what they do outside of university, to reading more about topics like mental health. Engage yourself with the world – OK, that sounds super cringe, but hear me out – if you hear or see something that you're interested in, ask more questions, research it, talk about it. It's so important to be aware of what's going on around you. 

What do you think all students should do this year?

Lauryn is a lifestyle blogger from Devon, studying in her first year at the University of Exeter. You can read more about Lauryn's experience as a student on her blog, or reach her on Twitter.