5 things I wish I knew before starting uni


What I expected before moving to uni is very different from the reality now as I’m finishing my second year.

From Freshers flu to referencing, I’m here to give you a heads up about the things I wish I knew before starting.

5 things I wish i knew before starting uni


1. Freshers Flu is very real

I remember before I moved to uni, I was convinced that ‘Freshers Flu’ was a myth.

I can now confirm it isn’t.

It feels as though once you get Freshers flu, you just start to accept a lower standard of health for the rest of your uni years. It might not be the same for everyone, but I’ve found that I get ill a lot easier at university compared to when I was living at home.

My advice is to stock up on cold and flu tablets during Freshers Week and beyond!


2. Don’t leave referencing until the last minute

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re finally done with an assignment and then realising you haven’t done any of your referencing yet.

It’s good to get into the habit of doing this as you go along; we all know it’s boring, but it has to be done!


3. You don’t have to try everything

Sure, university is one of the best times to try things out – just don’t feel like you have to sign up for everything…

I made this mistake by signing up to about 7 societies in the first week and honestly, I think I only went to two or three of them throughout the year.


4. Networking is SO important

I feel as though the importance of networking isn’t stressed enough before starting uni.

However, many of the opportunities I have had over the last year have been through knowing and connecting with the right people throughout my time here.

Top tip: Set up a LinkedIn account now and get a head start.


5. You don’t have to fit the student stereotype to make friends

The typical student stereotype is that we all love going out every night and drinking too much - and that that’s pretty much all we do.

Before starting university, I was worried that because I’m not this sort of person, I would struggle to make friends.

However, I’m now at the end of my second year, I’ve only been ‘out out’ twice in the last two years, and it hasn’t hindered my making friends at all.

It’s better to keep yourself in situations where you feel comfortable rather than pretending you like certain things just to make friends. This will never go well in the long run!


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