5 tips for students living in Nottingham


Planning to study in Nottingham?

Here are 5 tips from a born and bred Nottingham gal, studying at Nottingham Trent University, for making the most of your student life in this great city.

Nottingham city


1) Be prepared for Ocean


Ocean nightclub

Image credit for Ocean nightclub: Nottinghamshire Live


If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in Nottingham, or if you’re a new student, you won’t have escaped mention of Ocean (not the Pacific, the nightclub).


Ocean is a true rite of passage for any student in Nottingham, known best for its ‘Ocean Wednesday’ Trent societies’ nights (which can get a little crazy).


Whether clubbing is your thing or not, give Ocean a go! It’s a great way to initiate yourself into student life in Nottingham and bond with your flatmates and course mates.


2) Understand the lingo (or try to)


You wouldn’t think it, but Nottingham almost has its own language (I’m sure you’ve already heard someone say “ey up mi duck”).

This can be particularly confusing for students whose first language isn’t English - even locals can get confused!

Nottingham is known for its friendly folk and interesting phrases; while you may not need a translation guide, be prepared for some misunderstandings when talking to Nottingham natives.


3) Take advantage of the culture


Nottingham is one of the most diverse cities in the UK, so take advantage of this while at university.

For example, there are a range of different food options to suit everyone, including Bar Burrito (Mexican), May Sum (Cantonese), Miss Korea, and more!

Both The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University also offer a range of different cultural societies, including Bhangra, Buddhist and Meditation, Latin and Ballroom Dance and K-Pop.


4) Immerse yourself in the city’s history


Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub


Nottingham has a vibrant and interesting history, and there are many places you can go to find out more about it.

From the City of Caves, where you can tour the underground caves of Nottingham, to Ye Olde Trip to Jereusalem, the oldest inn in England!

Nottingham is also the home of Robin Hood, and is host to many attractions including Sherwood Forest. Here, you can visit the ‘Old Oak’ and learn more about Robin Hood’s life and legacy.


5) Visit local events and festivals


There are also a range of festivals and events in Nottingham all year round, including Pride and the German Christmas markets in the Market Square, as well as global food fairs and the popular Nottingham Eye.

Alongside Trent Bridge is the annual The Riverside Festival; held during the summer months, the festival includes fairground rides, food stall, local music acts and more!

This is a great day out for students who are staying in the city over the summer.


Nottingham’s unique culture means that there will always be something interesting to do or see in the city. There’s something for everyone in Nottingham; with its diverse cultural background and friendly atmosphere, Nottingham is one of the best cities for a first-time student.

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