5 ways to break the ice with new flatmates


Here are 5 tried and tested ways to break the ice with your new flatmates – from someone who’s been through the nerve-wracking experience of moving into halls!




1) Use a doorstop on move-in day

Doorstops don’t just help when you’re moving stuff from your room to the kitchen, they also signal that you’re open to new flatmates popping their heads in and saying hello.

Using a doorstop on my move-in day really helped to get everyone chatting - not only me and my flatmates, but our parents too.


2) Plan flat outings

Trips out with your flatmates become more frequent as your first year plays out.

However, locking down some weekly outings with new housemates early on is a great idea.

When I moved into my flat, me and my flatmates planned a day of the week we’d all go to the same pub together, for example.

We chose a pub just down the road from our halls which hosted a quiz on the set day we’d chosen, and starting a tradition where we had to work as a team really helped us bond.


3) Offer cups of tea

A good cuppa goes an incredibly long way.

If you’re stuck for an opening line when you meet a new flatmate, ‘tea?’ works like a charm.

A lot of my first conversations with my flatmates were had this way. Super simple, but always effective.


4) Go to the daytime Freshers events together

When you hear Freshers, clubbing, drinking and hangovers spring to mind.

And while Freshers’ nights out are a great way to get to know your flatmates, you don’t only want to do this after everyone's had a few shots.

I really recommend going to the daytime Freshers’ fairs and events as a flat too.

It allows you to learn about each other’s hobbies and interests and gives you loads to talk about and try together.


5) Explore your new city together

Taking trips around my uni city with my flatmates was a really good way to get to know them, and the place we’d be living in for 3+ years.

Getting your bearings together and finding your what'll become your favourite spots will help to initiate you into your new home - and the next chapter of your life with new friends.


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