6 alternatives to watching Netflix this Christmas


As us students have started to travel back home for the Christmas break, our heads are being filled with dreams of not having to wake up for early lectures for a few weeks and actually having some time off. But, in reality, we’ll be revising for January exams while still trying to enjoy the festivities. So, rather than hiding under a blanket and watching Netflix, how can we make the most of our breaks between revision and family duties?


1. Get creative in the kitchen


Christmas is a perfect time to put on your apron, grab some ingredients and see what you can create in the kitchen. Whether it’s gingerbread or mince pies or anything in between, there are so many treats you could whip up to get you in the festive mood. If you’re not feeling too inspired, check Pinterest to see what other people have been baking.

2. Do some volunteering


Christmas can be a magical time of year for some, as well as the most lonely time of year for others. Homeless shelters and homes for the elderly often require help from volunteers at Christmas time. Whether it’s creating a care package or volunteering with a charity such as Crisis, this is a really meaningful way to make the most of the time you’re not spending revising. Plus, if you’ve been baking any Christmas goodies, you could always hand those out too!

3. Visit the Christmas markets


Personally, Christmas markets are one of my favourite things. The music, the smell of all of the amazing food stalls and hours of wandering around admiring the lovely items - it really helps to put you in the Christmas mood. You don’t need to spend loads of money to soak up the atmosphere. While you’re there, it’s the best place to take some festive Instagram shots.

4. Write thank you notes

Thank you

Whether you’re appreciating the time people have taken to spend time with you over the festive period, or you’re in awe of a gift you’ve received, thank you notes are a simple but effective way to show that you’re grateful. Just taking a couple of hours out of your day to make personalised thank you notes will help you appreciate what Christmas and the festive period is all about.

5. Read a good book


It’s so important to step away from the screens and let yourself have a little digital detox sometimes. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a good book and spend hours in an alternate universe of either a brand-new novel, or one that you’ve picked up time and time again and still love.

6. Get some exercise


It might seem like there’s nothing worse than leaving your blanket fort and Netflix marathon to go out in the cold and exercise. Understandable. The thought of it may seem everything but appealing. However, whether it’s a quick walk or run around your local area, just moving around is so important when you’re spending many hours of the day revising (not to mention consuming your body weight in chocolate).

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