6 apps that will make you more productive at uni




Organisation is key to remaining on top of all the many things you need to do as a student.

If you have an effective way of keeping track of your essays, assignments, chores, social commitments and events, it will make life so much easier.

Check out my top six productivity apps that will help you smash it at uni.


1. Evernote

Perfect for fully customisable note-taking, Evernote allows you add images, audio, files from Google Drive and even sketches to your notes.

You can add tags to organise notes and reminders so you don’t forget those essay deadlines and household chores you have to do.

There’s an extensive range of templates to choose from, including a travel calendar, personal stress log, gratitude journal, menu plan and daily planner, so you’ll be sorted for organising every area of your student life.


2. Google Drive

This one is essential for group projects; you can easily access your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets in one place and share with others.

Google Drive makes the often not-so-fun group tasks at uni a lot easier. It means you don’t all have to be in the same place which can be challenging with everyone’s busy schedules.


3. Forest

This little feel-good app helps you disconnect from your phone in order to concentrate on your studies and does good in the real world by planting trees when you successfully stay off your phone.

You open the app and plant a seed when you want to focus on some work then leave your phone alone. If you leave it long enough you’ll get a reward and your seed will grow into a tree, which can become a real tree via Forest’s partner Trees for the Future: some much-needed motivation to concentrate!


4. Todoist

On Todoist you can organise your tasks in priority order, create and maintain healthy habits by using recurring due dates (e.g. go to the gym every Monday and Thursday), and track your progress against these goals.

You can also add sub-tasks to each task so you can plan out specifically what you have to do for each assignment step-by-step.

We all know staring at a blank piece of paper with a mammoth task in front of you, like writing an essay, can be daunting so try breaking it down into smaller tasks using this app. ‘Read one chapter’, ‘research a theory’ and ‘write out references’ feel much more achievable.


5. 24me Smart Personal Assistant

24me is a personal organiser that stores your calendar, tasks and notes in one place so you can easily view everything you need to do and add new events or notes quickly.

If you’re frustrated by having too many apps for too many different things, this is for you.

It’s sure to boost your productivity and save you time trying to organise your organisation!


6. Google Calendar

If you want a simple and clear calendar app, Google Calendar is really helpful to keep track of daily events and appointments.

You can sync your uni timetable to the app so you can easily see the times and locations of all your lectures and seminars.

Try creating events on the calendar for tasks you want to get done that day so you’re reminded when you check your daily schedule.


These apps will help you bring your A-game as a student, so have fun discovering your favourite and happy organising!

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