6 emotions all students feel when getting ready for university



Going to uni is one of life’s biggest milestones.

And, as with all milestones, it comes with a ton of emotions.

So, get ready to ride out the ups and downs. And just remember that thousands of fellow students are going through these 6 emotions too...


1) Pride

You’re going to uni and that’s no small feat.

Your parents have told you a hundred times how proud they are of you and, as you start preparing for your new life as an undergraduate, you might just come to agree with them.

After all, you really grafted to get to this point – make sure you celebrate your stamina for studying. It’ll come in handy for the years ahead!


2) Trepidation

Unfortunately, that warm and fuzzy feeling fades when you go over the reading list for your course.

Contemplating the workload might send you into panic mode. How much harder will it be than A-levels? Can you keep on top of it all? Is it even possible to read all THAT in one summer?!

And what about everything else? Making friends, living in halls, managing your student loan; it's a lot of adulting to master at once.

We could tell you not to worry, but you just will. Try and take on that fear of the unknown by chatting to any current students you know - or seeking out their advice online. 


3) Stress

When the time comes to start packing for uni, things can start to feel overwhelming.

In the midst of a last-minute packing session, misplacing a pack of batteries is enough to send you spiralling.

We get it, you want to head to uni fully prepared and equipped.

However, it's worth remembering this: chances are, you'll be able to buy most things in your new uni city if you forget to pack it.


4) Determination

Right, time to reel in the nerves and deal with the facts in front of you.

You got through school, passed exams and secured a place at uni.

You’re a determined, capable person who’s tenacity has got them this far. YOU CAN DO THIS!

You’re an actual adult now.


5) Sadness

You're an actual adult now! ARGH. Your care-free school days are officially behind you, and you need to part ways with the friends who’ve been by your side through it all.

It’s really natural to feel sad at the end of one juncture of your life, particularly when you have to say goodbye to the friends and family who've featured so heavily in it.

Just try and remember that it’s not forever; you’ll see them again in a few months’ time and there’s always Whatsapp and Facetime to see you through until then.


6) Excitement

While the nerves might not subside fully, there will be moments of unbridled excitement for the adventure that lies ahead of you.

You chose to go to uni for a reason. Whether that was to study a subject you’re passionate about, experience a new city, go out every night, or make a new bunch of friends for life. And now you actually get to do it.

There will be so many opportunities for you to seize and memories to make at uni. So you’re right to feel excited; try and hold onto this through all the other moments of doubt. It's going to be great!


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