6 items you can't forget for your summer vacay!


Hurray! Summer is here, and for a lot of us, that means it’s time for a well-deserved holiday. As a student, you have the unique advantage of having a lot of time off over the summer months, which is something that you won’t always have, depending on your job.

If you’ve got plans to go away – lucky you! Now, I know you know the basics of what to bring (if you seriously need an article to tell you to pack your passport to leave the country, then you have me worried…), but there are also lots of things you might not have thought of that you really should bring as well.

In addition to the basics like your sun cream, beach towel and sun hat, there are now many considerations as a 21st century modern traveller that you’ll need to take into account. So, what should you NOT forget to pack in 2017?

6 items you cant forget for summer vacay

An adaptor

What’s the use in having a posh, fancy phone, with an even fancier camera attached to it, if you can’t charge it? Foreign plug sockets aren’t the same as ours here in the UK, so you’re going to need to invest. Luckily, USB cables are the same worldwide, but if you don’t have an adaptor, that might not be much use to you. Why not get a universal one? That way it’ll come in handy on future travels, no matter when you go.

H2O proof phone case

A lot of phones claim to be waterproof these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can go swimming with them. If you get a phone case that protects your phone against water, you’ve got added piece of mind. It’s probably still not advisable to go deep-sea diving with your phone in a case, but for a bit of splashing around or jumping-in-the-pool selfies, we reckon you’ll be fine. Just test it first in the shower or something, in case of any leaks!

A power pack

Yet another item for your phone, but honestly, your phone is your new best friend whilst you travel abroad. We all need a break from our devices, but it’s important to have a charged phone in new places at all times, in case you do need to contact anyone back home, especially in an emergency.

A charged phone can help you do all kinds of things from checking your bank balance to ordering an Uber in an unfamiliar city or maybe some translation advice, so invest in a charging power pack to use for days on the go (and whatever you do, check how much roaming data is going to cost you internationally!).

Instax/Polaroid camera

Yes, these days it’s all about Snapchat and Instagram, but retro cameras are back in a big way, too. It’s kind of fun to have pics that you can print instantly, and they make perfect holiday souvenirs, too.

You can even buy really cute film now with loads of different borders, so your photos can get really creative and even better to display on the wall of your Liberty Living student accommodation next year!

Comfy headphones

Headphones are must on holiday for a number of reasons, but you’ll want comfy ones to balance out things like the excess heat. Headphones are ideal for relaxing on the beach, or passing time on the plane – and in fact, my sister swears by noise cancelling ones to help her get over her flying anxiety.

Mini toiletries containers

We live in an age where whether we like it or not, less is more. With many of the last-minute deals on budget airlines offering hand-luggage only unless you’re willing to pay exorbitant costs, sometimes we just have to learn how to pack light.

Many of our favourite shampoos, conditioners and other products have miniature versions available now, but for those larger ones you just can’t part with even for a few weeks, make sure you pour them into containers of less than 100ml, or you won’t be able to get them onto the plane in your hand luggage.

Of course, if you’re not able to jet off this summer, there are plenty of “staycations” you can do, right here in the UK. Lots of this list will still apply! Why not speak to Liberty Living about our summer accommodation availability? With so many different cities to choose from you can take your pick, sit back and enjoy the surroundings.

No matter where you go this summer, stay safe. Check any visa and vaccination requirements before you even leave the house, and save the details of the emergency services of every country that you’re planning to visit.