6 little apps to help destress and keep a smile on your face


Technology often is the source of stress; 24/7 emails, instant access to friends, and constant news updates. Though it is great to have everything at your fingertips, sometimes it can be overwhelming. As a student when you have essays to complete, articles to read, and constant job applications, it is no surprise that we are often portrayed to be unable to live without Wi-Fi!

Sometimes you need a little break, and app developers out there have realised the need for this. Though a walk in the park is a much better way to take a break when you are mid research, it's easier said than done! Instead here are some amazing apps, and Google Chrome extensions you can add to your browser that will give you a few moments of happiness to refresh the mind so you can keep on going!

Google Chrome Extensions for Laptop:

Tabby Cat

A new cat for every tab. Tabby cat will blink, sleep, purr, and will even let you pet them! You can also receive goodies such as glasses and hats! These adorable animated cats appear whenever you open a new tab - which is a lot when you're juggling multiple assignments!


It is anything but! Serious extension gives you a random full screen animated GIF every time you open a new tab. One minute you’ll find a cat failing to jump, the next a Husky making the weirdest noises. What a way to make you laugh when doing internet research!

The Quiet Place

For the little breaks and moments to stop and destress. It’s a tab that reminds you to take a few seconds away from all the frustrating stuff of modern life. Deep quotes, calming music and a space to just stop.

Apps for iPhone and Android:


This free app for is made for those who find it hard to make time for relaxation. It may seem a little silly at the beginning but in just 10-minute sessions, Headspace teaches the basics for meditation. This app is perfect for breaks between revision, or just before bed.

Plant Nanny

Remember when Tamigotchi was the ultimate craze? We all had one and they were the best distraction from long school days. Now there is an app that you can raise a plant, watch it grow, and is insanely cute. However, the best part of the app is that it reminds you to drink the water you need each day, so improves your health and concentration! To keep the plant alive you need to drink, so you can water it. Super simple, cute, and insanely good!


This is the only app that will set you back a few pennies (£2.29), but it's totally worth it. Gratitude is a simple journal where you write 5 things that made you happy that day. Whether it is that feeling of having your first coffee in the morning, or finally completing that essay – noticing these little things can make you feel a lot better. It only takes 5 minutes of your day to write up, and before you know it you have a log of all the little things in life.

Small but yet really cool and effective ways to transform the way you use your laptop, phone and tablets to remind you to take those all-important breaks!

Jasmin Vincent lives at our Student Accommodation Leeds Liberty Dock, Leeds. She is studying History of Art at The University of Leeds, and is currently in her 2nd year

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