6 low-cost cheese eateries in Liverpool’s student areas


Whether you’re already at university in Liverpool or you’re gearing up to start studying there this year, there’s one thing you should probably know… Liverpool loves its cheese. And who doesn’t? Thankfully, Liverpool has responded extremely well to demand and is home to some absolute crackers (oops…) when it comes to providing you with mouth-watering, cheese-based food choices. All these places are affordable, so they should “cheesily” allow you to stick to your student budget. Plus, if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy cheese in Liverpool, too. There really is something for everyone...

Head to Hafla Hafla in Baltic Market for halloumi fries

Hafla Hafla in Baltic Market

Image source: haflahaflafalafel

The last year has been infinitely better for food in Liverpool. Why? Because the Baltic Market, Liverpool’s first street food market, opened in October 2017. Luckily for students living in the popular Georgian Quarter, the Baltic Market is just a 10-minute stroll away (or half an hour from nearby student area Edge Hill). But can you find there? The best bite is undoubtedly Hafla Hafla’s already-legendary halloumi fries. We’re not entirely sure who first invented fried sticks of halloumi (or when they made their debut), but whoever you are, we salute you.

Find it: Hafla Hafla @ The Baltic Market, 107 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE

Say “yes cheese” to poutine from Caribou Poutine

Caribou Poutine

Image source: cariboupoutine

If you’re living in a student flat in the Islington area, Caribou Poutine is less than a 20-minute walk away. For those who don’t know, poutine is a Canadian cheese curds delicacy. It might not sound like much, but it’s basically chips, cheese and gravy cooked in a special Canadian way. Caribou offers something up everyone’s street – you can have yours topped with sirloin steak, or opt for vegan cheese. Canadians are known for politeness, so it would be rude not to try something!

Find it: Caribou Poutine, Unit 6, 5-11 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BW

Deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese from Death Row Diner

Death Row Diner

Image source: deathrowdiner

If you need a pick-me-up between lectures, take a cheesy detour to Death Row Diner, which is less than a seven-minute stroll from both the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. The diner’s deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese bites might not be known to boost your brainpower, but they’re just SO delicious we don’t care. Halls in nearby Islington are popular amongst students because of their proximity to both universities, the city centre, and probably Death Row Diner.

Find it: Death Row Diner, 32 Hope St, Liverpool, L1 9BX

Grilled cheese from Filter & Fox or vegan cheese from Down The Hatch

Filter & Fox

Image source: filter_and_fox

If you’re on a shopping spree at Liverpool ONE or Ropewalks and need to refuel, Duke Street is oozing with cheese eateries. If you love a classic cheese toastie, you’ll love the signature offering from Filter & Fox (on the menu as ‘grilled cheese’). Their cheese blend is made from swiss, gruyere and cheddar - and it only costs £4. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of vegan junk food, stop by Down The Hatch. This place takes their cheese-free cheese especially seriously and we can’t recommend their Philly cheese steak enough - it’s all entirely cruelty-free!

Find it: Down The Hatch, 62 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AA

Find it: Filter & Fox, 27 Duke St, Liverpool, L1 5AP

Fries come with mac ‘n’ cheese at Barley & Beans

Barley & Beans

Image source: BarleyandBeans

If you’re unlucky enough to have a killer hangover but lucky enough to be living at Liberty Gardens, you can get from your bed to Barley & Beans’ mac ‘n’ cheese in under three minutes. Want fries with that? Order “House of Carbs” for just £6.50 and you’ll have both (and therefore more than enough energy to make your way back to bed). Mac ‘n’ cheese is amazing alone, but when it’s bubbling over fries and topped with bacon and yet MORE cheese, it truly is a cheese-lover’s dream.

Find it: Barley & Beans, 17 Hatton Garden, Liverpool, L3 2FE

DISCLAIMER: Sorry about the cheese puns. At Liberty Living we’re usually pretty mature, but sometimes being cheesy has gouda be done…

As you can see, Liverpool loves its cheese and has some pretty cool areas for students to explore. Our four residences in Liverpool are close to excellent cafes, restaurants and pubs, not to mention nightlife. It’s no wonder Liverpool is the European capital of culture, but we’re convinced it’s the frontrunner for cheese, too.