6 of Glasgow’s best coffee shops to study in


A typical day in the life of a student consists of copious amounts of two things: studying and coffee.

Personally, I find that always working in the library gets a bit monotonous and can leave me feeling uninspired. Every so often, I need to change up my study space.

If you’re also in need of new scenery (and a decent latte), look no further; here’s a list of the 6 best cafés near Glasgow's universities that you can work in.


1. Papercup Coffee Company

Papercup Coffee Company

IMAGE: @pccoffeeuk


For coffee lovers, this is a must visit.

As a speciality coffee roaster, they only use premium beans, and there's a small yet perfectly constructed menu of light bites.

The atmosphere is relaxed, making it an excellent spot for work that requires concentration.

It’s also near the Botanic Gardens or Kelvingrove Park if you fancy some fresh air after a long stint of studying.


2. Where the Monkey Sleeps

IMAGE: @monkeysleeps


For something a bit different, head to Where The Monkey Sleeps.

With music-themed menu items and constant rock playlists, this quirky spot makes for an ideal change from the silent uni library.

There’s a mixture of sofas, high tables and booths which also work well for group work.

(Where The Monkey Sleeps is a 13-minute walk from our Liberty House student accommodation.)


3. Tinderbox


IMAGE: @tinderboxespresso

This place has a contemporary, sleek feel with modern décor throughout.

The arty atmosphere will put your mind in creativity mode, and help you overcome any writer's block.

There are 2 Tinderbox cafés in Glasgow: one on Byres Road right by Glasgow University, and the other is on Ingram Street in the city centre. The latter is a 5-minute walk from Liberty House and 15 minutes' from Liberty Park.


4. iCafe 


IMAGE: @audrey.ccs


This café definitely has more of a functional focus but could be particularly useful for if you’d rather not lug your laptop around the city as the café has computers.

It also has plenty of space and loads of plug sockets for you to charge up your gadgets.

The food is all halal, with healthy vegan and veggie options, and the coffee is their own unique blend.

With four iCafes dotted about the city, there is likely to be one close by.


5. Artisan Road

artisan roast

IMAGE: @artisan_roast_glasgow

This bustling, hipster coffee house is a firm favourite for freelancers and students - serving great quality coffee and some delicious meals.

Although it can get busy, the noise levels generally remain low - so you can still get your head in the zone.


6. Cheaper chains


IMAGE: @russrankinnjd


Alongside the independent coffee shops, Glasgow, of course, has its fair share of chain cafés like Starbucks.

While they may not have as unique a feel as the others, they still offer a different experience to the library, and their menus are fairly cheap if you’re on a tight budget.


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