6 of the best summery spots in Liverpool


Sticking around for the summer?

Whether you’ve decided to stay on in halls or you’re back home in the area visiting friends, here are some of the best summer activities for students in this amazing city.


1. Crazy Pedro’s

Crazy Pedro's


This chilled-out pizza bar is one of Liverpool’s coolest spots for a bit of an alternative vibe and cheap food and drinks year-round.

Enjoy DJs or the bar staffs’ Spotify playlists, alongside beer pong and a dive-bar vibe.

In the summer, there’s an added bonus, because Crazy Pedro’s has picnic tables outside so you can listen to pop-punk and old-school classics in the sun with frozen margaritas.

They have happy hour between 5pm and 9pm Sunday to Friday as well as 2-4-1 cocktails, £2 slices of pizza, or £10 for the whole lot.

There’s even a £5 lunch deal – you get two pizza slices with a soft drink, or for just £1 extra, you can get a beer as well. Ideal for a student budget!


2. Chavasse Park

Chavasse Park


Looking for a place in the city to relax and chill out? Look no further than Chavasse Park, at the top of Liverpool One.

Whether you want to shop before sunbathing or attend one of the many events taking place at various points in the year, it’s a lovely place to chill out, grab a bite to eat or even grab a few drinks at one of the bars.


3. Concert Square

concert square


Believe it or not, Concert Square does actually exist before the sun goes down, and it’s even better when you’re not stumbling over the cobbles at 3am.

If you want to slot in a spot of day drinking, this is a great place to be as there’s a selection of fairly priced bars to choose from, many with outdoor seating.


4. The Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle


In recent years the Baltic Triangle has emerged as one of the most creative indie hubs in the country.

The area offers something for everyone and is that little bit different. There’s Camp and Furnace, which is home to everything from Bongo’s Bingo to street food treats.

Then there’s the equally awesome Constellations, with its urban garden, music venue, exhibition space and studio.

You might come here for art, music or just a drink and some “scran” – whichever it is, you’re going to have the best time.


5. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious


This rooftop bar is a real gem, giving stunning views of the famous Liver Buildings and the Liverpool skyline.

Found at the top of West Africa House, it can be a bit of a palaver figuring out where to go and what to do, but Goodness Gracious is well worth it.

Once you’re in the lift, be prepared to be amazed once you hit the top. And hurry, it’s only open during the spring and summer months!


6. The Mersey Ferry

Mersey Ferry Cruise


Don’t laugh! Yes, it’s typically best enjoyed by tourists and commuters, but there’s nothing better than a river cruise when the sun is shining!

The ferry goes across the Mersey towards the Wirral, and you can enjoy incredible views of the waterfront as you pull away and as you approach.

The River Explorer Cruise is the best way to go about it, as you’ll learn a lot and even get access to the U-Boat Story museum if you like as well.

A return ticket is just £9.50 if you have an NUS card, or £11.00 otherwise.


Liverpool is an absolutely incredible city with so much to explore, but as with a lot of places, it truly comes alive during the summer! If you’d like to stick around a while longer (or try it out for the first time), take a look at our summer accommodation options.

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