6 reasons to stay with Liberty Living for another year!


If all your flatmates are panicking about finding a house for second year, and if you’re sick of hearing all about other people’s contracts (and how smug they get when they find out you’ve not sorted anything yet), then this piece is for you.

Staying in student accommodation beyond your first year is actually super common, and I think it makes sense. I might be biased (I do work for Liberty Living, after all), but it really is a great shout. Here’s why…

You save yourself the stress

Moving to a new place that you know nothing about can be stressful enough, but when you factor in having to go for viewings, meet the landlord, and find enough people to share with, you’re bound to be overwhelmed. When you’re house hunting with other students, you’re likely to all have different budgets, preferences and ideas about what you want. Living with Liberty can take out a whole lot of the fuss!

You can live with your mates…

Or you can make new friends! With Liberty Living, it’s totally up to you. Refer a friend, and there are plenty of benefits, but equally, you can also opt to live with strangers (who’ll become your friends in no time). There’s a flexibility when living with Liberty Living that isn’t always offered elsewhere. You could always request to share the same cluster flat as your friends or have your rooms on the same floor – but get your requests in quick though as this is not always guaranteed!

Bills are included

Can’t tell your gas bill from your electric, and got no idea about how to go about getting a council tax exemption form? Stop worrying; when you stay with Liberty Living for a second year, your bills are all included. So, when you get too cold on a chilly winter night, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing heat for the sake of being able to eat!

Liberty Living offer deals for returners

As if the savings on bills weren’t enough, Liberty Living can offer great deals when you choose to come back. Just ask your Residence Team for more info.

Buildings & facilities are unrivalled

If you move to a house share for second year, you don’t know what you might be getting. Sure, the place might have LOOKED nice during that five minute ‘inspection’ you did on a hangover, but did you really check for damp and other damages? Liberty Living buildings are modern, clean and they have all the mod cons. You can choose en-suite in many buildings, too. For me, that was a deal breaker. During my second and third year, I stayed in student accommodation as opposed to a house, purely because I didn’t fancy sharing a bathroom with a whole bunch of people. Plus, here’s another thing: location, location, location. All of the residences are either centrally located, or really near to the universities that you’ll be attending, so you won’t be off out somewhere in the sticks!

Friendly teams make all the difference

Whether you want someone to have a chat with, or you’ve a maintenance issue which needs fixing urgently, you’ve got it all, at no extra cost. You don’t know what kind of person a private landlord might be, and whilst we’re sure some are lovely, we just don’t know if their care for students can ever rival that of our Residence Teams and Maintenance Teams!



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