6 tips for freshers from a second-year student


First-year nerves are totally natural and normal, but there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for the transition to uni life. Here are my top tips and friendly words of advice for how best to settle into the weird and wonderful world of uni. And, trust me, when you reach second year you’ll realise it’s not so bad after all!

Distraction is the best remedy for homesickness

Missing home is a normal part of moving to uni. It may be hard at first but it does get better in time. Getting involved in different activities and events during your first few weeks can help distract you from that icky homesick feeling and you might even discover a new hobby or make some new friends in the process!

You don’t need to pack the whole contents of your bedroom

Bringing your favourite things to uni can make your new room feel comforting and familiar, which is great when you’re settling in. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of over-packing though, as you won’t use half the things you think you need! Having a clearer space that isn’t crammed with stuff can help you cultivate a clearer mind too.

You're allowed to have a rest day

Freshers’ week is a hectic first week jam-packed with tons of social activities, introduction talks and events, which is great and can be loads of fun but, if you need some down time, that’s okay! Taking time for yourself is important to recharge, so don’t feel bad for having a rest. Also, you’ll be better able to enjoy yourself when you’re well-rested – such a motherly piece of advice, but true!

Aim for a balance

Maintaining a balance between work, socialising and resting is key for uni life. It’s important not to overwork yourself, so make sure you set aside time to spend with friends too. Try and notice if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and maybe take that night (or even just a few hours) off from working and go and do something fun or relaxing instead. You’ll thank yourself later!

You’re stronger than you think

Going to uni isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; there will be challenges but, by believing in yourself, having a great support network around you and taking care of yourself, you can deal with whatever life throws at you and become a stronger person in the process. Remember that whatever challenges come your way, you can do it!

It’s okay to go up to someone new and just say hello

It may sound scary but everyone is in the same boat and you can guarantee that they’ll all be just as scared as you! All it takes is one brave person to break the ice and say hello to someone new to start a conversation and potentially make a great friend, so why not be that person? Go for it!