6 winter gadgets every student needs


Warm drink


As winter begins, the majority of us tend to be ill-prepared and either make do with an impractically excessive number of layers or test our cold endurance every time we leave the door.

But if you want to make the next few frigid months more bearable, here are some smart winter gadgets to keep you going.


1. Mini heater

Oh boy, this has been an absolute lifesaver for me so far.

For any of you susceptible to the cold, I highly suggest ordering a handy portable mini heater to get you through teeth-chattering times.

In every student flat or house there is always that inevitable battle about the heating – when to turn it on, how long to leave it on for, what temperature to set the thermostat at, how it has already mysteriously been turned on in October…well, no more of that!


2. USB mug warmer

You just plug in the electric coaster, set your mug on it, and enjoy your hot drink without worrying about it losing heat over time.

Great for warming up from the inside-out, and the best part: it isn’t even just a seasonal gadget.

Say goodbye to icky, lukewarm beverages!


3. Humidifier

The cold winter air can really wreak havoc on your appearance and health.

You’re breathing in dry air which can dehydrate your body (think cracked knuckles and snakeskin), deliver a cargo of respiratory ailments, and cause other annoying nuisances like nosebleeds or dry eyes.

Having a humidifier is a great solution for many of these winter-related problems.


4. Electric blanket

Let’s face it – a lot of your winter days will be spent indoors, because warmth.

So, for the utmost comfort, get yourself an electric blanket to keep you snuggly warm.

Other than bundling yourself into a burrito, they can also take the chill off your mattress before tucking yourself in for bed or help reduce any muscle aches you may have.

Keep in mind that they are best used for pre-sleep use and not all-night for obvious reasons.


5. Tech-friendly gloves

Touchscreen gloves is essential in today’s high-tech society.

Using your phone outside in the cold can be a pain (how frustrating is it to watch your fingers move in slow-motion?!), so keep your fingers toasty whilst texting on-the-go by getting yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves.

Warm, practical, and even fashionable.


6. A sock for your phone

…or more formally, a thermal phone case.

I remember a devastating experience when I was lost in a sketchy area late at night, frigid from the cold – and of course, my iPhone had to abruptly shut down and mockingly flash ‘low battery’ despite having had at least 80% charge beforehand.

Your phone’s lithium-ion battery doesn’t fare well in cold temperatures, so to avoid this situation from happening, get a thermal phone case to keep your mobile awake.

Not only do they act as insulation, but they can double-up as an extra pocket for cards or wads of change.

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