7-day mental health challenge for students


It's crucial to take care of our mental health, but in the busy world we live in, it’s very easy to let our wellbeing slip down our list of priorities. We’re especially vulnerable as students, juggling many aspects of our lives, from study to laundry; the stress can be overwhelming. So, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week from May 14th-20th, we’re challenging you to spend the next seven days tackling your mental health with unapologetic self-care, putting aside some time each day to a simple task that’ll leave your mind blissfully nourished. 

Day 1: Digital detox


We are a generation that thrives on technology, from our academic to social lives, it's too easy to depend on our electronic devices. So today, as soon as you get home, dedicate a full evening to wireless relaxation by turning off your phone, iPad, computer, and any other electronics. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, it’ll still allow you to connect with yourself, instead of the Wi-Fi.

Day 2: Concoct a superfood meal


Your body needs food, so give it exactly what it requires to function well! Whether it’s a delicious smoothie or a perfectly balanced macro-nutritional meal, as long as it's healthy, wholesome food, it’ll make you feel fantastic. There are loads of recipes online, from BuzzFeed Tasty videos (beware: risk of binge-watching) to Jamie Oliver’s website. A bit of sneaky indulgence is absolutely fine from time to time!

Day 3: Post a letter

Post a letter

Reach out to a pal, whether they’re in another city or even in another country. There’s something about writing a letter that feels much more authentic than a mere text message. We can’t emphasise enough how exciting it is to receive a letter addressed to your name, and reading the handwriting of your best friend from hundreds of miles away.

Day 4: Declutter your inbox


Because digital hoarding is too real. Unsubscribe to those weekly wine-tasting society emails you receive (because you were much too easily enticed at Freshers’ Fair) or the magazine subscription you made years ago; create various folders to organise your emails. We kid you not, the satisfaction of a clean, systematic inbox will make you feel incredibly liberated.

Day 5: Exercise


Yes, you knew this one was coming. Because, it works! Try doing something completely different – sign up for an interesting class offered at the university gym, or simply roll out a yoga mat and pop on a YouTube video in your room. There are options for everybody; as long as you break into a sweat and feel your heart thumping faster, you’ve already succeeded.

Day 6: Treat a friend to a tea or coffee


…whether you’re in line at Costa, or the library. Because giving is a beautiful thing, and doesn’t cost much at all. Not only will you make the other person’s day brighter, but by helping them out, you’ll feel happy to see them pleasantly surprised, too. We’re sure they’ll return the favour at some point!

Day 7: Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you

Loved ones

Being vocal about how grateful you are to have such wonderful people in your life can be very therapeutic. Spread the love!

For more mental health resources take a look at our Mental Health and University Students page. Alternatively, check our Mental Health Hub to find out who you can contact at your university for more information.