7 easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas


Halloween is the perfect excuse for students to dress up in something a little different, but a great costume shouldn’t cost you. Whether you’re off to a Halloween-themed club night or having a spooky movie night in with friends, we’re sure you’d rather say ‘Bloody Mary’ into a mirror three times than spend loads of money on an outfit that you’d only wear once a year. That’s why we’re sharing our pick of the best budget Halloween costumes that students can easily make at home.

1. Instagram


You just need a big piece of cardboard, a little bit of creativity and a willingness to take selfies all night long! This is perfect as a last-minute costume idea, as you just need to paint on the Instagram homepage (which I’m sure we all know very well), cut out a hole for your face and dream up some Halloween hashtags - easy!

2. Pop art figure

Pop art

This one probably requires the most creativity and skill, but it’s still incredibly easy to do and can be done on a budget too. All that’s required is a bottle of fabric paint, some make-up and the patience to apply small dots and lines all over your body for that famous Lichtenstein look.

3. Where’s Wally

Where's Wally

This is a classic costume and can be done on the cheap, too. Pick up a striped shirt, some glasses and a beanie and you’re good to go. Not sure where to look? Try raiding charity shops, your Dad’s wardrobe or your local Primark.

4. Regina George


An oldie, but a goldie. Everyone knows Mean Girls (and if you don’t, where have you been all these years?). Cut out holes in the chest area of an old vest top, wear a brightly-coloured top underneath, then turn your old diary into a Burn Book and you’ve got yourself a quick five-minute costume that everyone is going to understand. If they don’t get it, just pop them in your Burn Book – that’ll teach ‘em.

5. Cereal killer

Cereal Killer

You can really go the extra mile with this idea, but let’s keep it real, we’re students and we don’t want to spend too large a portion of our loans on Kellogg’s multipacks. So, to keep it simple, just stick some old cereal boxes to yourself, grab some fake blood and make yourself look a little bit crazy - you’re sorted.

6. 404 error

404 Error

This is perfect for people (ahem, like me) who really can’t be bothered to put in too much effort, but still want a hilarious costume idea. Step in the 404 error. Simply grab a plain white t-shirt and some fabric pens then scrawl on ‘costume not found’ over the front. Simple, but effective. If you want to take it to the next level, why not combine it with some creepy skeleton-esque face paint?

7. Skeleton


Yup, you could just buy an overpriced skeleton costume, but you’re better off just cutting up some black and white clothes and getting creative with your face make-up. We know that we’d definitely rather do the latter! Plus, there are loads of online tutorials to help you out. Try adding glitter for a more glamourous look.

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