7 tips for first-time flatsharers


With first term in full swing, many freshers are still getting to know their new flatmates and adjusting to living with others. As exciting as this is, the whole process can be quite daunting for many people. So, here are some handy tips for getting the most out of flatsharing, which will hopefully put you and your mates at ease (and make you the greatest flatmate ever).

1. Make a WhatsApp group

Getting each other’s numbers and making a group chat with your flatmates is, I think, one of the FIRST things you should be doing as a fresher. If you’ve not done it already, do it right now. You’re going to be living with these people until next summer (maybe beyond), so get a group chat up and running on WhatsApp or Facebook.

2. Take supermarket trips together

Taking shopping trips together as flatmates will help you decide which items you share (for example, butter and toilet roll are often worth buying as a group) and which ones you’ll buy separately. Supermarket trips don’t have to be boring. You can even scrutinise the reduced section as a team and see who can get the most yellow stickers in their basket!

3. Have flat dinners

Communal Christmas dinners are always fun and memorable (and will certainly make you nostalgic for home) but regular flat dinners can really bring you together as a group. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper cooking together, and you can share recipes and swap culinary techniques with your friends. If you’ve got a competitive streak, why not introduce a Come Dine With Me theme and nominate the best chef each week or month?

4. Spend time in communal spaces

It can be easy to lie on your bed or sit at your desk for hours at university, but spending time in your accommodation’s communal areas is the best way to make the most out of living with others. Even if you’re doing an assignment, why not set up your laptop in the kitchen or common room? Your flatmates might be inspired to do the same, so you can bond over battling your assignments together!

5. Walk to lectures together

Even if you and your flatmates aren’t on the same course, that shouldn’t stop you from walking to university together. Shuffling your way to a dreaded 9am lecture can be soul-destroying, but with your friends walking alongside you, at least you’ll have someone you can share the dread with. Keep in touch on your WhatsApp group so you know when other people might be walking back.

6. Don’t be afraid to branch out

We know… moving in day was daunting, but you made it! And most likely already have a group of flatmates you can now call friends. However, it can be very easy to develop the habit of hanging out with the same people, so don’t forget there are still loads of people to meet! As well as popping your head into your flatmates’ rooms, make sure you greet people that you see in and around your block. This will help to break down any awkward barriers there might be and could even lead to new friendships.

7. Wash your dishes

Unfortunately, there will probably always be that person (or people) in your flat who doesn’t do their washing up… Or they do, but they take about five days to do it! So, finally, if you can help it, don’t be this person. Respecting both each other’s personal space and communal spaces that you share is a really important part of flatsharing. For more tips on flatsharing, watch our video below.