7 ways students can take a breather in Bristol


Phew. Exams are over, University of Bristol! No more transport anxiety getting to Coombe Dingle and no more late nights at Wills Library. For now. But if the stress of attending lectures again is still too real after a thoroughly exhausting few weeks, then it’s high-time you recuperate before you throw yourself back into work. Here are seven great ways to take a breather, Bristol-style.

1. Visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge


It may be the tourist destination for every Bristol visitor, but the Clifton Suspension Bridge is undeniably spectacular. The stunning view makes you see things in perspective, and the serenity of being above the city will help dissipate any stress.

2. Swoon over Swoon


Addiction warning. Once you sample Swoon’s award-winning gelato and try their exciting monthly flavours (think taste-bud tinglers like black sesame for Chinese New Year and blood orange sorbetto during Halloween), it’s game over. I would trudge through wind, rain and storm down Park Street along to the shop opposite College Green for their regulars – showstoppers include pistachio (like licking the inside of a pistachio shell), hazelnut (oh-so-decadent), bacio (the only ‘kiss’ I ever need) and much, much more…

3. Stroll down to St Nick’s Market

St Nick's

At St Nicholas Indoor Market you can bask in the Mediterranean and Asian aromas, try a free falafel (or two) at Eat-A-Pitta, down a spirulina shot at the detox bar, buy a slice of award-winning Ahh Toots cakes – all of which should see you through to lunch, right? This vibrant and frenzied outdoor food alley gets every sense tingling from Monday to Saturday. It’s a great way for students to relax while relishing in the chaos of flavours and aromas.

4. Swing by the Student Union

Bristol SU

There are always events on at the Bristol SU – head there on a Wednesday to listen to up-and-coming artists during the Coffee House Sessions (make the most of the coffee and cake deal for just £2!), or pop along for one of the comedy nights. You’ll find listings for all these atmospheric events online.

5. Go on a graffiti tour


Highly recommend you do this with yourself, a friend and Google Maps. A quick search will show you various locations of the ever-elusive Banksy’s artworks, as well as other street artists. Creating your own trail or tour will be a fun way to discover the hidden corners of Bristol, become a little bit more cultured, and ultimately and get out of the four walls for a bit of fresh air.

6. Get a sour-dough-nut from Pinkman’s


Oh, yes – Pinkman’s on Park Street is a bit pricier than your average bakery but hands-down makes the best doughnuts in Bristol. Each ‘nut is made from sourdough (hence the name) and is bursting with a generous filling that oozes out with every munch. 100% indulgence.

7. Do some winter stargazing


Head to the We The Curious planetarium for some winter stargazing (because right now it’s far too cold to lie outside on the grass at College Green). Student admission is £12.20 and the 3D show costs £3.50. Take it from me, there’s something about feeling so small in an ever-expanding infinite universe that really boggles with your mind and makes you forget any issues you ever had…

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