8 flatmate experiences that will bond you for life


Flatmates chatting in the kitchen


It’s often said that the friends you make at uni remain friends for life.

After all, they know too much… Especially if you’ve lived together.

These are the 8 bonding experiences you’ll share with your university flatmates.


1) Living through each other’s uni relationships

From ‘the one that got away’ to the ‘what was I thinking?!’, you’ll watch your friends go through a range of drama-filled romances at university – and vice versa.

Your flatmates are the ones who help you to co-write that perfect text to your crush, invite them to pre-drinks on your behalf and stay up late with you for counselling sessions when things don’t go to plan.


2) Experimental cooking on a budget

You spent the remainder of your loan on fancy dress. Again. And now you need to get creative with what’s left in your collective cupboards.

Kidney beans on crumpets, potato waffles and jam, frozen veg with grated cheese; you and your flatmates will enjoy - or endure - a host of culinary adventures together at uni.


3) Exam season hysterics

You don’t really know a person until you’ve seen them at their worst, and for many students, this is exam season.

Stressed, sleep deprived and possibly un-showered, revision doesn’t bring out the best in you. Fortunately, everyone’s in the same sorry boat so there’s zero judgement.


4) Developing your own sacred flat traditions

Like any family, you and flatmates will come to create your own unique traditions.

Yeah, no one really likes that “punch” you serve at flat parties. Maybe you could watch a different Christmas film together one year. If being honest, everyone’s a little tired of that pre-drinks song.

But they’re the rules now, and you all treat them with a weird amount of respect.


5) Joining each other in dissertation delirium

You went to uni to study a subject you were passionate about, but there’s something about a 10,000 word count that makes you question your life choices.

Writing your dissertation takes up a lot of head space and it can be hard to remember a time you weren’t Harvard referencing. Luckily, your flatmates are there to help you towards the finish line.


6) Actually doing well at your degree

Passed all your assignments? Time to do a celebratory dance around the kitchen with one another.

Remember, flatmates are the ones who witness all the grafting that goes into university work so they can uniquely appreciate your successes!


7) Putting up with each other’s bad habits

The difference between flatmates and other pals you make at uni, is that your friendship has been well and truly TESTED by living with them.

Leaving used teabags in the sink, putting rubbish on top of the bin rather than in it, listening to that one song on volume 550… You snap at each other about these terrible flat share crimes or learn to tolerate them. Either way, you’re really family now.


8) Doing nothing together

You know the days: pyjamas, takeaway, Netflix rudely asking how on earth you could STILL be watching. And of course, debriefing each other on the night before and getting all the gossip.

Sometimes it’s the days you spend together doing nothing special that you end up loving the most.


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