8 ways to cheer up your flatmates when they're down


University is a stressful time, especially during January. Balancing work, your social life, chores and keeping up with your family back home can all take its toll on your wellbeing as a student. If one of your flatmates is showing signs that they’re struggling with the demands of university life, then a simple, kind gesture could mean the world to them. So, with that in mind, here are our top eight ways to cheer up your flatmates.

1. Offer to listen


Often someone going through a hard time just wants a friend to be there for them. Talking through what is bothering them with a supportive friend who will listen without judgement can be immensely helpful – all you have to do is offer a listening ear.

2. Go out and do something fun

Go out

Sometimes talking about the issue might not be the most helpful idea if they’re getting caught up in it and just need a distraction. Suggest going out and having fun to take their mind off it. You could go watch some live music at a local pub, go round to a friend’s house for a games night, or go play some crazy golf!

3. Bake the blues away


Suggesting you make a meal or bake a cake together will make them feel valued as you’re showing you want to spend time with them. This will also help on a more practical level, because if they’re upset, they may not have the motivation to make a nice meal for themselves. Following a recipe together will make it a lot more fun and appealing!

4. Go for a walk


We all know exercising is great for our mental health, but genuinely, going on a walk will give your flatmate a little break from whatever is going on. Bonus points if you go for a walk in a green space – being around nature can help put your problems in perspective and is really soothing and refreshing.

5. Help with their chores


No one likes chores but helping your flatmate run a few errands could really help them feel less stressed. As well as reducing their list of things to do, this act of kindness will let them know you care about them and help to make their life as easy and stress-free as possible.

6. Watch a film


Get the popcorn in the microwave and suggest watching your flatmate’s favourite film with them. A perfect cosy night in for these cold evenings!

7. Have a crafting evening


Instead of a film night, why not have a crafting evening? Arts and crafts can be really therapeutic, offer a mode of creative expression, give you a much-needed screen detox and provide an opportunity to chat - all at the same time. Try your hand at some origami, some colouring, or you could even learn how to knit.

8. Buy them a little treat


Something as small as a little cake or chocolate bar could make their day. It’ll show you’re thinking about them and bring a bit of love and kindness to their world when they need it the most.

If you’re really worried about a friend, you’ll find wellbeing resources on our Mental Health Hub, as well as a list of all the university Student Support Centres.

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