8 ways to reduce your stress levels in minutes


Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? I don’t know about you, but I am very aware of stress every day, not just April! With exams just around the corner, stress can be vital in pushing us to work harder – but if we’re pushed too far, our mental health and wellbeing can start to seriously deteriorate. To prevent that from happening, here are a few quick tips to relieve stress.

1. Chew gum and knit

Chewing gum

Not necessarily at the same time, but both activities share something in common: they’re both repetitive actions, which have been shown to reduce anxiety and calm down your rocketing cortisol levels. Even just a few minutes of chewing could be enough to do the trick! Alternatively, repeating a quick yoga sequence can also help to lift your mood.

2. Hand out hugs


The ancient art of hugging has survived the test of time because, well, hugs are pretty great. So, hug your flatmate, neighbour, family (if you’re lucky enough to be home), post man, dog, whoever – it’s a science.

3. Listen to nature


Crashing waves on the beach, rainstorms, morning birdsong… You’ll find plenty of sounds are available on YouTube, if your surroundings don’t actually have the real deal.

4. Try your hand at journaling


It’s not as mushy as it sounds, I promise. Just grab a notebook and start writing down absolutely whatever – it doesn’t have to make sense, the sentences don’t need to fit within the lines, or you can just doodle (artistic license definitely not required). There are many types of journal you can keep, such as a gratitude diary, a bullet journal, a traditional diary, or even a dream diary where you document your dreams.

5. Create ambiance


Aromatherapy candles are one of the simplest ways to scent up a room and create a spa-like ambiance. If you’re not allowed candles in your uni room, then reed diffusers (with essential oils) and even body products such as lotion and essential oils can also help create a relaxing ambiance.

6. Bust some moves


Guilty pleasures and cheesy top charts are a must – think High School Musical or funky 80s tunes (you can’t go wrong!). Take a dance break and get busting some moves to kill your stress!

7. Or clean your room as listen


It’s actually fun (seriously), proves to be a delightfully productive break, and declutters not only your room but also your brain.

8. Seek the sun

Sun seeking

OK, so this isn’t as easy a task as you’d think, especially in the land of complaining about the rubbish weather (UK represent!). But, hear me out… simply being outside and surrounded by nature will do you wonders. Even if it’s not sunny, it’ll get you out of the four walls that confine you and your stressors.

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