9 cheap night in ideas for flatmates



Looking for inspiration for a cheap but fun night-in? Make your way through this list with your flatmates.


1) Bake off

Inspired by everyone’s favourite show, introduce some competitive baking into the flat and enjoy sampling - or laughing at - everyone’s efforts.


2) Quiz night

Questions could test everything from general knowledge to funny facts about one another.

Think Ross Gellar’s amazing personalised quiz from THAT episode of Friends.


3) YouTube exercise class

Gym classes can be expensive so create some space in your flat and follow one of the thousands of free guided exercise or dance classes on YouTube.


4) Murder mystery party

Host dinner with a difference with a murder mystery night.

You can buy games from around £10 which come with scripts, clues and character profiles. Assign everyone a role, dress up, and guess whodunnit.


5) Clothes swap

Rather than chucking out your old clothes or buying new ones, have an evening of second-hand shopping with your flatmates.

Good for your wallet, and the environment.


6) Games night

These days it’s easy to overlook board games.

However, a night playing retro gems like Twister, Guess Who, Cluedo and Monopoly will give you a nice big hit of nostalgia - and remind you just how great they are.


7) Themed movie night

Immerse yourselves in the world of your favourite film with themed snacks and drinks that match its genre, era or setting.

Extra points for outfits too.


8) DIY spa

Studying can be stressful. So treat yourselves to a night of pampering and panpipes to recover your zen.


9) Book club

Sometimes, uni can really zap the joy out of reading. Try and find it again with a flat book club.

Get super cheap, second-hand copies online, give yourselves a few weeks to read it, then let the lively discussion flow over drinks and snacks.


And there you have it. 9 night-in ideas to try with your flatmates when money’s tight. Have fun!

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