Amazing fish story at Liberty Living in Newcastle


Say hello to Timothy, Felicity, Kevin and Fenton, the newest members of Liberty Quay in Newcastle. Our student residence team found these lovely 4 cold-water fish swimming in the shower during a flat maintenance inspection. For lots of obvious reasons, our students aren’t allowed to keep pets in their rooms, which might be why they did not keep them in a fish tank in the first place.

Soft hearted souls that they are, this wonderful student residence team could not bring themselves to dispose of the fish, so they decided to brighten up reception with a cold water fish tank for these little fellas. We have kept the names that the students christened them with and they appear to be very happy now. You will be pleased to know that the students who managed them still have visiting rights and help us feed them.

Over the past 10 years Liberty Living have carried out over 200,000 maintenance inspections in 17 UK cities and this is the first time we have found cold-water fish in a shower. What next – a snake in the toilet?!

Newcastle Student Accommodation

Posted on 10th March 2014 by the Liberty Living Team.

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