Banana 5 ways: How to make breakfast less boring


Banana smoothie


According to research, bananas are among the most widely-eaten foods in the entire world. And it’s no surprise, really, because they’re also among the healthiest!

Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they make for a great start to your day.

If you’re bored of the same cereal and milk, or toast and butter combos, why not shake things up with banana for breakfast?

Here are five different ways to enjoy them first thing.


1) Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes

Student meals aren’t known for being indulgent, but banana pancakes break the stereotype for sure.

You can choose to have them a few ways, but we recommend regular pancakes with maple syrup and a few chopped bananas on the side.

Alternatively, if you’re REALLY in the banana mood, you can even mash them up and put them in the batter!

These ones with just three ingredients make the perfect student meal.


2) Banana smoothies

Banana smoothie

In a rush? I get it - your student days are super busy.

If you’ve got to just grab and go, there’s nothing better than a banana smoothie to give you an abundance of energy for your day.

Even better, you can mix things up - quite literally - when it comes to a smoothie. Choose your favourite kind here.


3) Banana porridge

Banana porridge

Some people are divided on Jamie Oliver, but you can’t deny it - the man really knows how to make delicious yet nutritious stuff.

His banana and cinnamon porridge is pretty easy to make and will ensure you stay full and fuelled up for a long morning of studying. 


4) Banana breakfast bars

Banana breakfast bars

These ones might seem like they’d take a little more preparation, but they’re pretty easy to make.

If you’ve got two ripe bananas, oats and maybe some spices like cinnamon or ginger, you should be good to go.

Just mix everything together to combine, and then pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

They’re great for packing in your bag and snacking on during lectures, too. Here’s the full recipe.


5) Banana Bread

Banana bread with butter

Ah, a classic. Is it bread? Is it cake? Who cares; it's delicious.

I reckon it can make for a nice breakfast every once in a while, and it’s pretty easy to make.

All you’ll need are a few baking essentials and, of course, some lovely ripe bananas.

Find the recipe here


Banana is incredibly versatile, and it not only tastes good, but it’s good for you as well. Plus, it’s ideal for weekend vegetarian breakfasts when you’re looking to do something that little bit special after a lie in. Dig in!

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