Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Film Review


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Mildly underwhelming. Not the fighting scenes, explosions, wardrobe and tech (it was all very good)… but the plot. It’s so… meh.

Let’s start with the cast. Ben Affleck as Batman? I guess. Batman has ALWAYS been my favorite super-hero because he has piqued in every aspect of human life. His bank account has no end. He dates ballerinas and supermodels. His body is something I could never aspire to have. He is morally sound as Mount Everest. In fact! The entire point of Batman, or really any superhero, is that they don’t kill. BEN AFFLECK’S BATMAN WAS HELL-BENT ON KILLING SUPERMAN (the entire plot of most of the movie until twenty minutes before the ending)! The Batman I love is governed by way more than this other guy. The Ben Affleck Batman just seemed like a hypocritical jerk…counterproductively flawed and relatable.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane? How does this woman get dibs on all the A-List leading female roles? Yes, she’s talented, but I think she’s role-hog. Were there no true brunettes to portray Lois on the day of the casting call?

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was… confusing. I can kind of grasp Batman’s frustration with Superman: an all-powerful being that has no relation to the human race, is not held accountable for his collateral damage, and at any time, could decide he wanted to enslave us all — all built on a foundation of simple jealousy. But Lex Luthor’s obsession with Superman seems more…arbitrary? It only makes sense because we know the story of Superman and Lex Luthor and their history as mortal enemies but that didn't clearly develop on-screen. He gives about four different reasons why he’s trying to bring about Superman’s destruction.


Let me set the stage. Lex Luthor has been trying to acquire two things the entire movie to bring about Superman’s demise: the only piece of Kryptonite large enough to kill Superman (submerged in the Indian ocean) and the body of a deceased Kryptonian. Why? He ends up fashioning a Kryptonite spear as well as this disgusting Krytonoid mutant abomination that absorbs radiation energy and is virtually indestructible.

In the midst of all of this impressive engineering work, Luthor kidnaps Martha Kent, Clark’s mother and instructs Clark Kent AKA Superman that if she is to live, then Batman must die. Luthor and Batman have kind of come together at this point because of their mutual enemy, so Luthor tells Superman where he can find Batman. Please keep in mind that Luthor has been orchestrating Superman-adjacent tragedies over the course of the movie to make Batman want to kill Superman. So the reluctant Superman meets Batman and the two begin to duel to the death. But I didn't understand the end game here because Lex Luthor is building an indestructible monster dubbed “Doomsday,” who’s strong enough to kill either on his own, so why go through all the trouble of coordinating a Batman vs. Superman super-fight? Or why build the monster if Batman and Superman are going to kill each other? Anyways, as the fight ensues, I’m wondering how a man that is bulletproof, has laser AND x-ray vision, and can fly is letting a guy in a robot armor suit get the best of him.

Near the end of the fight, Superman is at the mercy of Batman, who’s wielding the Kryptonite spear and right before Batman's about to deliver the final blow, Superman mumbles “He’s going to kill Martha!” And just like that, I guess Batman finally realises that he and Superman are not so different after all… How? Superman’s mother is named Martha – just like Batman’s. WHAT?! That’s all it took?!

So THEN, Lois Lane throws the kryptonite spear down a flooded staircase (perfect disposal for the one-of-a-kind weapon that can kill Superman). Just…WHY?

Now, Batman and Superman have teamed up to rescue Martha Kent. Lex Luthor, livid, unleashes Doomsday upon Gotham’s and Metropolis’s downtown area, and Batman and Superman race to neutralise him. Wonder Woman was boarding a plane when the tiny screen in the back of the seat showed a newscast of the impending doom and she leaves the plane, Louis Vuitton luggage in-hand (maybe her lasso is in there?).

After Lois goes back to retrieve the spear she threw down a flooded staircase (and almost drowns), Superman hurls it into Doomsdays heart and kills him, BUT — 1. How did Lois even know Doomsday was Kryptonian and that the spear would even work? 2. Why didn't she tell someone with superpowers to fetch it…or that she was going to try? Superman sensed her drowning and had to actually leave the fight to save her and had to carry the spear himself (which he should not have been able to do).

Fans of the smart Dark Knight trilogy are going to be disappointed! These characters are so superficial and live in a world where the self-fulfilling prophecy is the apparatus for accomplishing most of these ridiculous feats and deus ex machina is the only phenomenon saving them and the rest of the world from utter destruction multiple times!

Two stars for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, because this movie’s visuals far surpass any kind of message that Zach Snyder had for his audience. Too many holes. This movie should be named Batman V Superman: Swiss Cheese Plot.

Marcus Garlington lives at Liberty Court in London, he is from Kansas City in Missouri, and is in his 2nd year studying Journalism at City University London.

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