Beat the snooze button: How to wake up early


Girl in park looking at a sunrise


Let me start this blog post with a confession - I don’t actually know that I’m qualified to write it, because I’m not a morning person!

There’s an irony to the fact that the morning I originally intended to sit down and type this out, I just couldn’t get out of bed.

Look, we all struggle sometimes.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to get out of bed earlier (which for me, have all come along at exactly the right time).


1) Get into a routine

If your schedule is erratic and all over the place, it can be hard to get up at a set time every morning.

What’s that you say? Oh, you’re a university student? I know... Schedules can be somewhat difficult.

However, if you get into the habit of waking up at a particular time, it’ll become easier to do as time goes on. If that doesn’t work? Reward yourself!

If you get up at the same time every day for a week, treat yourself to something nice, like a delicious breakfast or listening to your favourite podcast.


2) No more late coffees

Did you know that caffeine is actually a drug?

Sure, it’s probably not going to cause you any serious problems, but it’s pretty addictive, that’s for sure.

It’s great for waking you up in the morning, but it’s probably time to skip it after lunch so you’re not up all night.


3) Give yourself a digital detox

It’s proven that our screens are bad news after a certain time because they disrupt sleep quality due to the blue light they emit.

You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favour by going offline and off grid - the earlier, the better.


4) Try not to drink as much

I know… at university, partying is a big deal. But when you’re planning on waking up early, drinking alcohol obviously isn’t the best idea.

It’s not just the hangover you’ve got to worry about. Alcohol also leaves you feeling restless, so even if you feel like you go into a deep sleep after a few too many, chances are that it’s not quality sleep at all!


5) Don’t eat too late

Isn’t it funny how many of our sleep habits are defined by what we put into our bodies?

If you don’t give your body time to digest your food, it may keep you up late at night without you even realising.


6) Put your phone out of reach

Okay, so you’re stopping the old scrolling rituals earlier than you did before - good for you!

But what about in the morning, when the alarm bell rings? If you put your phone far away from your bed, you can’t press snooze; you’ll simply have to get up.

Just don’t cheat with voice-activated tech…


7) Focus on the positives

What are your incentives for getting up early?

Do you need to free up your evening to go to the gym or see friends?

Do you always bump into your crush when you make it into the library earlier?

Or do you simply love the sunrise?

No matter what your reasons are for getting up, remind yourself of them each morning. And remember, everything will feel so much better after a quick shower to wake you up anyway.


I think I’ve solved a few mysteries as to why I struggle to get up in the mornings.

Getting up early can help you feel more productive, which is always a bonus when you’re at university and deadlines are ever-present...

Good luck fellow night-people. We can do this!

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