Best Christmas jumpers 2015


Christmas is a time of year that can cause great distress on the dilemma of what to wear. Each year the sparkles come out and the traditional tinsel gold and cherry red become the staple colours in any fashion window display. Plus there’s the headache caused by the yearly Christmas jumper party that draws the very fine-line between tacky and tasteful. Already the fashion scrooge is out and the desire to not partake in the seasonal celebrations becomes more favourable just so you don’t have to be seen in a jumper that feels and looks like tinsel.

However, behold the wonders of the Christmas fairy (namely Katy Perry for this year) as there are seasonal jumpers out there that make you proud to take part in the festive cheer. Here is the top six-jumper lowdown for anyone who is still looking.

1) Katy Perry who modelled for H&M’s festive collection have brought Christmas and cheeky love together in not only a fantastic selection of jumpers, but also a whole seasonal range that can take you through December right up until New Years parties. At the perfect student price and an alpaca woollen blend, this sequinned penguin jumper is subtle, cute and insanely comfy! Available in store and online at £14.99.

2) ASOS always has a fantastic collection. As an online site it caters for all and covers a range of brands; however their own branded items can be the best they offer and with Christmas jumpers it couldn’t be truer. This ‘I’m on the Naughty List’ jumper is available in petite, curve and regular. You can get this cheeky red ‘suitable for all’ jumper for £30.

3) A surpriser on the list has to be the simple but classic designs that George at ASDA has to offer. Their collection is classic knits and is the cheapest at £14 per jumper. Once more, their festive spirit is inspiring as for every jumper bought, George will donate to ‘Save The Children’ as part of their official partnership with the charity.

4) Before the days of print, jumpers were hand-knitted and had a Nordic style about them. It’s an oldie style but with the revamp that Henry Holland provides with a merry-go-round theme, this can definitely make a come back. This green Christmas jumper is available at £38 in the Henry Holland collection at Debenhams.

5) The only time you can get away with puns and animal jokes is on a Christmas jumper, so why not go all out with it. Dorothy Perkins has managed to mix the much-loved pug with a cheeky ‘Bah Humpug’ slogan but kept it tasteful without the garish colours. For £26 this is a fab jumper for any dog-lover and for those that can’t resist a festive pun.

6) Probably can’t go without a little bit of cheese added to this list but it is the reason it makes the bottom of the list. Primark has a huge selection of jumpers from the fully embarrassing 3D designs to the ones that are actually a little bit funny and will bring little festive laughs. Their jumpers start from £12 and go up to £16 if you want to go for the Frozen of Bambi themed jumpers. Unfortunately the price does reflect the quality so these jumpers will only be suitable for those jumper parties.

Whatever jumper you choose, I hope that you have a great Christmas and get in the festive spirit with the help of a colourful Christmas knit to keep you warm in December!

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