Can home friendships last when you go to uni?




Going to uni is an exciting time full of new possibilities, but leaving home and your friends can be quite unsettling.

Moving away doesn’t mean you have to lose touch though; there are so many ways to keep in contact and keep those bonds strong.

On the flipside, try not to worry if friendships do fade out – sometimes that happens in life, and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

Read on for my 3 tips to make long-distance friendships last, and 3 reasons why it’s OK if they don’t.


3 key tips on making home friendships last long-distance


1. Send birthday cards

It’s the little things that count and this thoughtful gesture will let your friend know you’re thinking of them and remember their special day.

For an extra personal touch, why not make the card yourself? All you need is some cardboard and creativity – time to whack out the washi tape and colour pens!


2. Plan things to look forward to

Having future plans means you’re both invested in maintaining the friendship and you’ll have something to be excited for.

This doesn’t have to be a major trip; it could just be visiting each other at uni, or going for catch up drinks when you’re both home in the holidays.

As one of my best friend’s mum always says, ‘Be intentional and show up’.


3. Use technology

With some much technology at our fingertips, distance doesn’t have to separate you.

Regular texting will keep you up to speed on all the details of your friend’s life and vice versa, while also allowing you to share the best memes the internet has to offer.

Try Facetime every now and again for a more intimate way to keep connected.


3 reasons why it’s okay if home friendships don’t last


1. Some friends are for a reason, some are for a season and some are for a lifetime

This is such a wise saying because not everything lasts forever and that’s okay. Things will fizzle out if they’re meant to.

Sometimes people come into your life for a certain purpose or for a brief time. Maybe some of your school friends were perfect for that period of your life but not necessarily the next part.

You or your friends will naturally change as you enter different life phases and, sometimes, that means moving on. 


2. It's a new chapter and brings new opportunities

There are so many opportunities to meet new friends at uni.

I moved to a city three hours from home knowing absolutely no one and now I have the best friends I’ve had in my life.

Maybe you will meet friends who are more like you, who share your interests and values, who connect with you on a deeper level than some of your previous friends.

In such a big student cohort you are bound to find someone you vibe with.


3. You can celebrate it for what it was

Just because they didn’t last forever doesn’t mean your home friendships weren’t meaningful.

You can look back with fond memories on the times you shared with your home friends knowing they were a valued part of your life.

Whether you stay in touch with your home friends or not, uni is a uniquely exciting time in your life where you are sure to have an amazing time if you make the most of the opportunities available to you – get involved and be open to meeting new people and you’ll do great!


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