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I have suggested some crazy things in my lifetime but this suggestion that I made is probably the most risky, stupid, challenging and unheard of idea that I have ever undertook. 

My flatmate finally told me straight that I sound like a broken record (I am not hurt by this in anyway and if anyone tells you that I cried for forty days and forty nights they were lying. I’m over it okay, I’m over it!). 

I took it upon myself to push my flatmate for a better answer to explain why I sound like a broken record (I’m over it), she said ‘I mention Lesley Joseph too much’. Personally I thought, speaking about someone fifteen times a day does not constitute a broken record (I joke). Therefore my flatmate suggested that I put all my Lesley Joseph items and Birds of a Feather memorabilia into her room. I hyperventilated, then hesitantly agreed. Also the main rule was that if I mentioned Lesley Joseph or Birds of a Feather or did anything related to them I had to donate one pound… it had not been even twenty-four hours and I was already on fourteen pounds.

This was probably because I was not disciplined enough; I thought that the money would be coming back to me through a contra-bet! So I decided to donate the money to a good cause in that hope that it may help me to control my mouth... Nothing changed, too many Freudian slips. The minute you are told not to mention something afterwards all you want to do is say it. 

I was still indecisive about what to do with the money. I really dislike charities such as ‘Save the Whale’ or ‘Give it to the Cat’s homes’. Absolutely not. Then I heard a story about a young girl who had a long ordeal of chemotherapy and radiotherapy after she had been diagnosed with cancer. Liberty Living are doing a Charity Bike Hike (2,500 mile round trip 19th-23rd June) to raise money for The Royal Marsden Hospital which cared for her. Therefore and without question I knew my money was going to that charity. Cancer is an awful and an unstoppable illness that needs to be stopped! 

I thought it would be nice if my flatmates did their own charity fundraising, they were not allowed to swear (a swearing free flat – perfect). Between them they raised £22, whereas my money was a bit higher than that, totalling £53.

After careful considerations, my considered view of the broken record comment equals to a profound sense totalling that ‘Yes! I am a broken record’. Oh well, I am not changing.

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Posted on 10th June 2014 by Forrest Dunbar.

Forrest is a 1st year undergraduate staying at Liberty Park, Liberty Living's student accommodation in Bedford.

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