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Here at Liberty Living, we strive to offer the highest standards of accommodation and facilities to our students, and our relationships with our University partners play a huge part in making sure we have smiley and satisfied faces around our residences.

Since 2007, Liberty Severn Point in Cardiff has been working with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to offer accommodation to their students. Similarly, since 2004 Liberty House in Glasgow has built a great relationship with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland providing rooms for their students’ year-on-year, and will continue to do so until 2024.

Liberty Severn Point has some great features including high speed broadband and Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, bike storage and great outdoor space to enjoy. With all bills included, students can also take advantage of on-site housekeeping and maintenance teams as well as a friendly on-site management team to be on hand whenever a student needs a little bit of support – whether it’s home sickness or financial worries – we’re always on hand to help..

Liberty Severn Point reserves 198 rooms for the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, offering Classic En-suite rooms at £119 per week for a 43 week contract. Alongside Liberty Severn Point, Liberty Living also have another 6 residences offering great student accommodation in Cardiff – but you’ll have to be quick as there’s only limited availability!

Brian Weir, Head of Student Services for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama commented: “We are delighted with the professional relationship we as a college have with Liberty Living, both on a local level with site management staff and also regionally and nationally. I have never felt our smaller size (student numbers circa 700) has meant anything other than complete support and understanding from Liberty Living and I am, therefore, delighted to be able to support them.”

Rebecca Cox, General Manager at Liberty Severn Point said: “We continue to work with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama keeping our prices competitive to help the college remain an attractive location to study in, as well as building a mutual trusting and respecting relationship.”

Liberty House in Glasgow currently reserves 150 rooms for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, which has increased every year since 2004. Just like Liberty Severn Point, Liberty House also boasts a whole host of brilliant facilities and room options for its students to enjoy, all for as little as £118 per week with 40 and 51 week contract options available. Check out our student accommodation in Glasgow for more information.

Shirley McDonald, General Manager at Liberty House said: “We always do our best to keep our Royal Conservatoire of Scotland students together as much as possible. We take into account the course, age and preferences of each student and then allocate our rooms to suit each student’s particular needs, and meet their individual requests.”

Going through clearing?

If you are a student looking to study in the UK, check out our website and residence pages for more information about how to secure and book your accommodation.

If you’re a university or institution and would like more information about working with us as a partner, contact Paul Watson on +44 (0) 20 7398 7449 or email

Liberty Living offers student accommodation, including summer accommodation, in 19 University cities across the UK – including Liverpool, Newcastle, Preston & Southampton plus our new University city location Edinburgh.

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