Checking out of your accommodation? Here's your checklist!


The time has come for you to move out of your flat at Liberty Living – but just hang on a second, there are a few things you need to check off your list before you actually check out, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible! (just to make the whole process quicker and easier for you) - the sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you can enjoy your summer!

So, how do I move out?

Okay, so obviously, you’ll want to pack your stuff. It’s yours, it belongs to you, and we want it to stay that way! Leaving the room tidy and clean upon departure is actually part of your Tenancy Agreement, so leaving things could actually cause you a removal fee – ouch. Time to get scrubbing!

It's recommended that you book a face-to-face check-out with a member of staff so if there's anything that needs a bit more attention you can put it right. Any damages or missing things will unfortunately incur fees, so you’ll want to make sure you’re all on agreement when it's time to move out. Also, don't forget about the communal areas - If there’s any damage or extra cleaning to be done in your kitchen/lounge or hallway, you’ll be charged a split fee, unless someone’s willing to own up and take full responsibility.

We won't be looking for specs of dust, but do ask that your communal areas are left clean and empty. Don't forget to clear out your cupboards and defrost your fridge freezer too! Some residences collect for local food banks if you have anything going spare.

When you moved in, you should have also completed an inventory. We've kept that safe and will use it when doing your check-out inspection, just in case we missed anything when you moved in. If you're not able to be there in person (perhaps you're moving out at night or on a weekend, or all the appointments were booked up), staff will do your check-out as soon as they can and everything will be recorded with photos. 

You'll have to be out of the room with your keys handed back in by a set time (normally by 10am) so do check with the reception team so that you've plenty of time to prepare.

The checklist

Have you…

  • Checked what date and time you need to leave by?
  • Booked your check-out inspection in advance?
  • Booked your travel home, or arranged to be picked up?
  • Left your room clean and empty?
  • Made sure you've done your fair share of any cleaning in communal areas, and taken the rubbish out?
  • Emptied everything from your kitchen cupboards, the fridge and freezer?
  • Arranged with the post office to forward on any post?
  • Completed the check-out paperwork, available from reception?
  • Got your keys together ready to return?

Getting your deposit back

If you’ve followed all the checklist, and if you paid us a desposit when you moved in, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your deposit back at all. It’ll be returned into your bank account within 28 days, and you’ll be emailed as soon as your inspection has taken place. If you book a face-to-face checkout it may be processed even quicker! The email from Liberty Living will contain the results of your check-out and confirm how much money you're getting back. Liberty Living then tell the DPS (or LPS in Scotland) that you've moved out and ask them to return your deposit. Please wait until the DPS contact you, then follow the link in the email. Do not start a claim yourself!

The DPS (or LPS) will email each student to get your bank details and you'll need to confirm your deposit ID and repayment ID - if you've lost this information make sure you ask us for your deposit ID when you check-out.

Liberty Living has to be fair by law, and there’s no reason for us not to be – students keep the business going, so they make us happy! But the Deposit Protection Scheme does exactly that (keeps your deposit protected), and so if you feel something has been unfair, you need to write to the Resident Team as soon as possible or within 14 days of receiving your check-out email.

Too soon?!

If this all seems like too much hassle, it may not be too late to change your mind! There may be availability to stay over summer! Whether you want to stay put right where you are, or explore a new Liberty Living city, it may well be possible.

You could also rebook for next year. Just check out your options online, or check with one of the Residence Team. Just try and give them a head’s up – asking one hour before check out might not always go to plan!

Best of luck whatever you choose and all the best with your summer adventures and beyond!