Checklist: 8 things to do before you go home for Christmas


Students leaving student accommodation


We declare the Christmas season well and truly open!

And that means leaving your student accommodation and heading home. But wait! Make sure you tick off all these things before you go.


1) Sort out your travel

Talking to you last-minute organisers who might not have booked anything yet.

Find out how to save money on that train journey home and back to uni in the new year.


2) Organise your study schedule

Sadly for students, the Christmas holidays aren’t all about long wintery walks, lazing on the sofa and going out with friends. There’s also the small matter of revising for those exams in January.

Help yourself out by doing as much of the work as you can NOW. And at the very least, make sure you do revision prep like creating a revision timetable.

Doing this forces you to confront exactly how much there is to be done, and scheduling specific days to get through it will help you to clearly see when you have free hours to plan in some festive fun.


3) Return library books

You’ll kick yourself if you get home and recall those 5 books sitting in your room clocking up late return fees.

Put them in your bag now, set a reminder on your phone and make sure you do this before it’s too late.


4) Have a mini Christmas with your flatmates

Work's definitely a priority, but treat yourself to time-out with your uni family too.

Christmas is the perfect time to create your own traditions, buy presents for each other and reflect on all the good times you’ve shared together so far.

For ideas on how to make your ‘Flatmas’ party as sustainable as you can, read this.


5) Tidy your room

This is a gift for future you whose January blues will be in full swing as Christmas is over and your exams are days away.

Rather than coming back to a messy bedroom, make sure you’ve tidied all your clothes away, removed any mugs or plates which could go mouldy, and change your bedding so you come back to fresh sheets.

And don’t forget to take the bins out and empty your fridge. Speaking of which…


6) Use up any remaining food

No-one wants to return to their accommodation to the smell of sour milk and mouldy veg.

Instead of chucking it before you leave, try and make use of it to minimise waste. That might mean cooking a big meal now to enjoy with your flatmates, or freezing it to use when you return in Jan.


7) Double check you’ve packed everything you’ll need

In fact, triple check. Imagine getting home after a 3-hour journey and realising you’ve forgotten that textbook you can’t revise without.

Other easily forgotten things:

  • Your railcard and tickets (if you don’t have these on your phone)
  • Charger for all devices: phone, laptop, iPad etc
  • Christmas presents for your family!

Write a list of must-brings and tick all these off as you pack.


8) Safety-proof your room

And finally, a really important one; make sure you keep your room and everything inside it safe by:

  • Switching off appliances at the wall
  • Closing your blind or curtains so people can’t look in if you’re on the ground floor
  • Locking up properly
  • Not posting on social media that you’re leaving


We hope this helps you go into the holidays feeling, let’s face it, pretty smug about how organised you’ve been.

Have a great Christmas!

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