Chinese New Year in Liberty Works Sheffield


On Thursday 30th January 2014 we held a Chinese New Year event in our common room for all of our Chinese residents and their guests at Liberty Works in Sheffield.

All of our Chinese residents were formally invited and told they were welcome to bring their friends.

We made this event exclusively for Chinese residents as we felt this would be a great way to gather them all together and celebrate in a traditional way. The residents were very enthusiastic and grateful when they received their invites.

After talking with some of the Chinese residents about what would usually happen at such events in China we tried to create a typical scene for a Chinese New Year celebration. This consisted of decorating the common room with ‘captions’ around the doorways, Chinese decorations and signs around the common room, and of course Chinese food to be eaten around a table together. Dumplings are also a food of choice for this event so we made sure that we ordered these with the food.

We set the common room up in the best way possible to achieve all of this and the students seemed happy with the decorations and layout. Around 30 people attended the event and once all the residents had arrived we put all of the food out and we sat around the tables whilst eating and chatting. All of the residents were mixing with each other and enjoying themselves which was great to see.

As the night went on, there was singing and lots of laughter along with a few tactical games of table football. Many of the students were taking pictures of the decorations and food to send to their families in China to show what a good night they had enjoyed. At the end of the evening, we also gave out a red goody bag to each guest.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the evening was that it gave all of the Chinese residents a chance to meet each other and make new friends. This was great to see and hopefully added to the enjoyment of the event.

All of the guests were grateful to the staff for hosting the event and gave very positive feedback.

A good night was had by all!

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Posted on 24th February 2014 by Liberty Works Team.

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